Neutral Summer Wedges

I’ve always been one of those “warm weather  people”. While I appreciate the beauty of snow on the trees, I’ll take sunshine and palm trees any day. I suppose this is a good thing since I live in a place where the average August temperature is a setting on my oven.

Shopping for summer clothes has always been my favorite. I love the bright colors, fun prints and amazing shoe options. Oh, the shoes. How I love thee…

Every spring, I’m on the hunt to find another pair of wedges to add to my collection. I’m what you could call “vertically challenged”, so wedges are the perfect thing to give me a little extra height, but still enjoy some comfort and stability.

This year, I’m absolutely loving the neutrals. Here are my picks for the summer:

Neutral Summer Wedges

Do you think it is possible for me to justify purchasing them all to my husband?

I mean, look at how different they all are!

And for once, I’m not being sarcastic. Is that sad?

Michael Kors

If I had to pick a favorite, it is this one. The Michael Kors “Giovanna” in luggage. I love the espadrille sides, amazing cognac color, and the fact that they don’t have a strap that goes directly around the ankle. For some reason, ankle straps look a little odd to me when I wear them with skinny jeans because they typically hit me in the same spot.

I spotted these bad boys back in February when I was browsing the shoe department at Nordstrom. Most people were all over the winter boots that were just marked down, and I was already thinking about wedges for summer. Only problem with this pair is the price tag. They are $150. If you are willing to wait it out for a few more months, no doubt will they be marked down. But if you can’t wait, I found an AMAZING knock-off pair at the GAP Factory Store. For $20.

Yes, you read that correctly,  $20.

Same exact color, strap configuration and espadrille sides. I’d upload a picture, but they look just like these. I tried to take a pic, but let’s just say I don’t have the world’s most photogenic feet. Trust me.

If you have a GAP Factory store remotely close to you, I recommend you head there immediately and pick up a pair. I’m sure my Factory pair is not real leather, but they are comfortable and look great. And if I decide in a few months I want the originals when they go on sale, I won’t regret having an emergency back-up pair for $20.


This pair is the “Tecla” by Banana Republic. They are priced at $98 but today the entire site is 40% off. I feel like Banana always has some type of discount going on, so please do not pay full price for these.

I beg you.

If you need help finding a coupon code, email me and I’ll find one for you. #thatswhatfriendsdo

I’ve always been a fan of shoes from Banana. Great quality and good prices. And the neutral shade on the straps guarantees these will literally match with everything.


I recently bought these “Kikka” wedges by Splendid and I am kind of obsessed with them. Are they a little louder than your typical neutral? Yes. Do they have neutral straps? Yes.

Therefore, I’m classifying them as a neutral.

My blog, my rules.

From the front, they really look like a neutral wedge. But when you turn to the side, you are met with a little more pizzazz. I’ve gotten so many compliments on these shoes. They are fun, but not too crazy. Warning, these are pretty high wedges. If you typically prefer a shorter heel, these are not the pair for you.

JR 2860808-p-MULTIVIEW

But, this pair of Jack Rogers might be the ones for you. I think these are such a great shoe. They take the typical Jack Rogers style and give you a little extra “oomph”.  I found these on, which is a sister site to Zappos.

Sometimes I find Zappos overwhelming. When went to Zappos and searched for wedges, the site presented 4,807 options. That’s CRAZY! Unless you have all the time in the world to filter through countless wedges, I highly recommend checking first. Usually the shoes are on a greater discount anyways.

Charles David

I really like these “Olympia” wedges by Charles David. They are a true nude color instead of the cognac options shown above. Slightly spendy price tag, but a classic shoe you could wear for years.

Charles David 2

These slides are the “Owen” by Charles David. These are a great option if you can’t do ankle straps. I’m actually drawn towards shoes that don’t require you to sit down and tie or buckle anything, and these fit the bill perfectly.

Honestly, I could have picked any of these options and they would have been happiness on my feet for the next 6 months. So excited wedge shoe season is here!

Do you have any other neutral wedge favorites for the summer?