Kendra Scott Sale at Nordstrom

Attention all husbands looking for Mother’s Day gifts!!

And moms, don’t feel any shame forwarding this post onto your hubby.

Nordstrom just posted a HUGE Kendra Scott sale on their site. I’m talking 55 – 60% off. ¬†Woo hoo!


Here are my favorites:


The “Kinley” necklace is a style exclusive for Nordstrom. I received this necklace in the exact color combo shown (cobolt/gold) as a Christmas gift and have gotten a TON of wear out of it. It is a great color that can span all seasons. It is on sale for $52.26 right now (55% off). If you are more of a silver person, the mother of pearl/silver combo is on sale for $29.96. That might be the bargain of the week.


The “Carly” earrings are on sale for $19.97 (60% off). I have these earrings in ivory and they have become my everyday earrings since they match with so much. I might have just added the turquoise pair to my cart. Happy Mother’s Day to me!


The “Noelle” necklace is an amazing statement necklace, especially for $44.97 (55% off). I have it in the mint/light green color that Kendra Scott calls “chalcedony”. Since I don’t even know how to pronounce that, I’m gonna stick with mint. Regardless, great necklace. They have a few other color combos available, but again, my favorite is the turquoise. Probably just because it is spring. Or just because I love turquoise.

Lyla earrings

I really like these “Lyla” earrings. At $39.97 (55% off) they still seem a little pricey to me, especially since it is a rare thing for me to wear dangley earrings these days. My daughter is drawn to them and I prefer to keep my ear lobes in tact. But they are beautiful.

If you are thinking about buying something, order quick. Nordstrom sales like these sell out quickly. I’ve made the mistake before where I add something to my cart and continue to look around. In the meantime, my item sells out and I’m out of luck. It sort of feels like someone stole an item out of my hands at the cash register.

Buy, buy, buy. Especially for the moms out there. You deserve it!

via The Sensible Shopaholic.