Saddle Tan Leather Clutch

Black Leather Envelope Clutch

I love a good clutch. While most of us can’t use a clutch on a daily basis (hello, giant diaper bag), I absolutely find it freeing to be able to leave my house with a set of keys, phone and a credit card. A good clutch is a statement piece that you’ll have forever because a small bag will never go out of style. And don’t even get me started on my love of saddle/tan/cognac leather. I can’t get enough in my life. Never will I ever.

Jackson Wayne Cognac Leather Bag

A friend of a friend is the founder of Jackson Wayne, which is a leather goods company based in California. When the owner, Andrew, reached out to me regarding a collaboration with his leather company, I was all over it. Like I said above, I love a good clutch and I love cognac leather. It makes me wonder how I’ve survived all my years (I’m not saying how many) without this combination.

 Rustic Leather Clutch

Jackson Wayne has been in the leather business for a while, selling only the finest full-grain leather. Think absolute top-tier, best leather you can buy. I honestly didn’t realize how many different grades of leather are out there, with “genuine leather” being the bottom of the barrel. You can read more about the differences in leather here. It really makes me think twice about some of those expensive designers that use only the genuine leather!

Leather Envelope Clutch

 Jackson Wayne makes ah-mazing men’s bags and wallets and are now rolling out women’s products, including this gorgeous vintage leather envelope clutch (which also comes in a darker brown and black). When I received this clutch, I quickly understood the difference. The inside isn’t lined so you can see how thick the leather really is. This bag is truly a statement piece and even my husband was impressed by it. The best part: it is only $99!! I’m all about subtle (or not-so-subtle) hints, so ladies, feel free to “accidentally” forward this post to your man. Valentine’s Day is only two weeks away. And if you are still looking for a gift idea for him, check out the rest of Jackson Wayne’s products.

What do you think of this clutch? Isn’t the leather amazing?



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