Black Off The Shoulder Sweater

  Comfy high low black sweater

I honestly believe a good black sweater is something every woman should have in her closet. It can be dressed up or down, paired with a billion different accessories and worn just about anywhere. I have a few good black sweaters, but I’ll admit, this black off the shoulder swearer is my new favorite.

Slouchy black sweater

The off the shoulder style has been huge for the last couple seasons, so it should be no surprise to see another off the shoulder number popping up here. I love this particular sweater because it can easily be worn on the shoulder or off, meaning when that style is no longer “in”, my sweater doesn’t end up out the door. Or if it is just too dang cold out to even consider bare shoulders. Whatever situation may apply. I also love the high-low hem on the bottom, meaning it can easily be worn with leggings. And honestly, since I have a hard time getting out of my leggings in the winter, this sweater means I don’t have to.

Black high low top

This sweater is from StyleWe (C/O), but unfortunately, it was such a big seller that it is completely out of stock. I still included the link here in case it is restocked, or you can search their site for just about anything else you are looking for. I’m honestly amazed by the sheer number of items in stock on their website, most of them totally adorable. This scalloped neck off the shoulder sweater would be a good alternative, and it is only $30! Click here and here for a couple other similar options.

 off-the-shoulder sweater

I thought you guys might get a kick out of the last picture shown below. Do you see anything different from the norm? Look really hard……yes, I’m wearing HEELS. I don’t think I’ve put on a pair of actual stiletto heels in about a year, but they just went perfectly with this look. Now, let’s take one more look at this photo because it might be a while before I wear them again.

Black sweater outfit

Do you have a go-to black sweater and where is it from? Share your thoughts in the comments below.