10 Women’s Stocking Stuffers Under $10

Women's Gift Ideas Under $10

I love a good stocking stuffer. Sometimes I enjoy stocking stuffers as much as the “real” gifts because they are usually cute, practical, unexpected things you use in your daily life. I love to buy small stocking stuffers for my friends and family, either things I already own and love, or that I’d like to own myself. No further introduction required, let’s get onto my list of 10 women’s stocking stuffers under $10.

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Gold Glitter iPhone Case

New phones are always a huge holiday gift item. Fun to get a new phone, but not-so-fun to shell out another $50 for a pricey phone case. I just got a new phone a couple weeks ago and was so excited when I found this exact gold glitter iPhone case on Amazon for only $8!!  It looks identical to some of the more expensive designer cases out there and will protect your phone just the same. I’m a fan of the gold glitter, but there are a bunch of other colors and styles available, too.

Gold Glitter Nailpolish

Speaking of gold glitter, it only seems appropriate around the holidays to have your manicure match your iPhone case. Obviously, or is that just me?! This China Glaze nail polish will be perfect for a holiday party, New Years Eve, or any other day where you’d like a little extra sparkle in your life.

Grey Colorblock touch gloves

As much as I do my best to hold onto both gloves, I feel like I’m constantly losing one. They fall out of my coat pockets, leaving me with one cold hand. Inexpensive gloves are such a great stocking stuffer because we all use them and no one is angry when one comes up missing. These are only $3.50 and have the touch technology so they work with your phone. Isn’t the grey color block cute?

Brown Suede Cross Body Purse

Smaller cross body bags have been popular for a while now, so I was surprised when I came across this brown suede cross body bag for only $8.99!! A couple other colors are available, but they are priced a little bit higher. I’m sure any fashionista in your life would love this one.

Red Fur Pom Pom Hat

Did you catch my post earlier this week about my new favorite fur pom pom beanie hat? Even though it got its own blog post (for a very good reason), I couldn’t resist including it in my stocking stuffer list. Any woman who lives or visits a cold climate would love one of these!

Pink Furry Ball Key Chain

Speaking of furry pom poms, I think all the fur pom pom key chains are so cute! I found a mega deal on one the other day ago and couldn’t resist adding one to my keychain. This pink one is only $5.99.

Green Glitter Wine Tumbler

One of the most useful gifts I received last year was an acrylic wine glass with a lid. Yes, seriously. I’m not joking. I never realized how useful a lid would be on a wine glass, especially for things like tailgating, neighborhood walks and outdoor parties by the pool. Don’t judge, just nod your head and agree that it is super annoying when your wine splashes over the edge of your cup. I’m digging this green glitter acrylic wine glass with a straw.

Red and Blue Plaid Blanket Scarf

Blanket scarves have been super popular for a while now, and I’m always surprised to hear how many people don’t own one yet. I love the simplicity of this red, white and blue plaid scarf, which is only $8.99 and ships for free with Amazon Prime.

Grey Stone Stud Earrings

It wouldn’t be a gift guide without at least one or two jewelry items on the list. Aren’t these simple grey studs adorable? They would match with almost everything and are available in 4 different colored stones. Super cute for only $10.

        Gold Crossover Ring

Finally, this trendy rhinestone crossover ring is available in a bunch of different metal and stone colors, and would be a crowd favorite for only $7.20.

 How do you feel about stocking stuffers? Super fun or a waste of money?



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