The Perfect $10 Fur Pom Pom Beanie!

Walmart Fur Beanie Pom Pom Hat

Has anyone else noticed all the adorable beanie hats with fur pom poms on top available this winter? By far, they are the chic-est beanies to ever exist. Who knew putting a furry ball on top would make a hat so adorable? I remember way back in the day when I wouldn’t have been caught dead wearing a winter hat. I lived in the Midwest and would rather be cold than mess up my hair Now, I seriously went on a mission to find the perfect fur beanie. My mom can attest to the number of furry ball hats I tried on when we were shopping¬†on Black Friday. Some of the furry balls were too big, some of the hats were too floppy, and some of the balls stuck straight up, making me look more like an elf than a fashionista. I’m not joking, you’d laugh if I would have taken photos.

Walmart furry ball beanie hat

Well, after my extensive beanie research, I finally found one that fits my head right, is the correct level of floppy-ness, and is affordable. You’ll never guess where I found it: Walmart. Yes, Walmart. If I’m being totally honest, I hate Walmart (no offense to people who shop there regularly). I shop there when I need to, but I’d rather roam the aisles of Target if given the choice. So for me to write an entire blog post about an item sold at Walmart, that’s a big deal.

Faux fur beanie pom pom hat

Not only is the hat cute, but it only costs $10 and shipping is free! Click here to order online. I bought it in white at my local store (white is sold out online), but they have a whole bunch of additional colors available online. Red, burgundy, grey, yellow, blue, black, khaki and pink. I know that I don’t need a second color, but I adore the red. I regularly have to remind myself I live in the desert and it is almost 70 degrees outside. But the red… sigh.

If you are looking for an awesome $10 stocking stuffer, get this hat.¬†Are you a fan of the furry pom pom beanie? Isn’t this one cute for only $10!?