Winter Coat Season is Here!

Kelly green winter coat

For most of the country, winter coat season has arrived. Since I live in Arizona, I’m one of the lucky few who doesn’t need to throw on a winter coat on a daily basis. Even though it doesn’t snow in Phoenix, I still get some use out of my winter coats each year. I typically travel to the Midwest for the holidays and head up in the mountains for Christmas activities, requiring me to bundle up.

I’ll fully admit, I have quite a collection of winter coats stored in my guest room closet. I grew up in Ohio and pretty much asked my mom for a new winter coat every single Christmas for a good 10 year period of my life. It drives my husband crazy that I’m taking up such valuable closet space, but I have so many memories in those jackets. Some probably need to be given away, but most are over 10 years old and look as good as new. Thankfully for me (and unfortunately for my husband), coat styles don’t tend to drastically change year after year. A good winter coat is truly an investment piece.

Black fur trimmed winter coat

I couldn’t resist taking a few pictures and styling two of my favorite winter coats from my personal coat collection. My son thought I was crazy when I threw on a winter jacket (especially since he was wearing shorts at the time of the photos), but that’s pretty much the life of a fashion blogger.

Faux fur beanie pom pom hat

I love a good wool coat. These are perfect for anyone who dresses up for work on a daily basis, or anytime you want a slightly fancier look. I personally love the knee-length coats because they give you adequate warmth without being totally overwhelming. I also think picking a bold color is such a fun way to brighten up the winter blues. You know, since everyone needs a bright kelly green coat in their lives (oh wait, that’s probably just me). No need to match your coat to whatever you have on underneath. Find a coordinating scarf and go with it.

Green winter coat with a scarf

I’m also a HUGE fan of a black puffy coat with faux fur trim. Whenever I travel to a cold weather destination, my black puffy coat is the one that comes along with me because it is so versatile. This jacket can easily be dressed up or down for any occasion. The hint of fur makes it fancy, but the puffy material can easily be worn with sneakers or boots.

Fur trimmed black winter coat Warm black puffy coat

Like I said, these coats are old. I have zero plans to buy a new coat right now since I only get a few days of use out of them each year. However, I’ve linked to a few good one below if you are in the market for a new winter coat.

 Furry hood

Black puffy coat with fur trim

If you like the black puffy coat look, go for this Larry Levine fur trimmed jacket. It is very similar to the one I’m wearing and currently on sale at Nordstrom for only $89.90.

Kelly Green Winter Parka

My exact green coat hasn’t been made for years (I’m not saying how many), but I did find this Chateau fur trimmed parka in emerald green at J. Crew. Green plus fur?!?! Everyone needs this jacket. Right?

Red plaid J Crew Winter Coat Black and white gingham winter coat

My original plan was to only include the black and green coats in this post. That was until I stumbled upon these ah-mazing plaid coats, also available at J. Crew (links included in the photos above). I probably should mention that J. Crew has been my go-to place for winter coats for at least a decade. I can honestly say the style of their coats, as well as the quality will last. No, they aren’t the cheapest coats on the market, but they are worth the investment.

Are you in the market for a new winter coat this year? Do you also own a bright green coat?



    • I’m in love with that color. I was trying to think of a way to justify another green jacket, but I just can’t do it. Can’t wait to see you in your new coat! xoxo

  1. I have that JCREW jacket in a dusted ginger color. I love it. The puffer I don’t have, but only because I don’t need it at the moment.

  2. I’m soooo tracking this. I grew up in ND but live in Southern CA now, so I don’t need winter coats anymore, but I still have a stash when I go back home (and I still am obsessed with buying them)!!

  3. You have a real eye! Love each one. wish I could fill my closet with them ALL. Merry wishes.

    • Most of mine are pretty old, but after years in the Midwest, I do own some good ones.

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