The Most Comfortable Long Sleeve Jersey Dress

Swing Jersey Dress in Maroon

If anyone is looking for the most comfortable long sleeve swing jersey dress, this is the one. I have absolutely no problem finding comfy summer cotton dresses, but winter dresses are so much more difficult. I don’t know why adding sleeves to a dress completely changes the fit and overall comfort level, but it does. And not in a good way.

Old Navy Swing Jersey Dress

I came across this dress at my local Old Navy store and couldn’t resist trying it on. I love the plain burgundy color which easily works for fall or winter. It looks cute with a scarf, simple necklace or even a vest on top. The dress would also totally work with tights if you live in a cold weather climate. It fits perfectly up top, but it super swing-y on the bottom (meaning no one will have a clue I’m still eating the leftover pie from Thanksgiving). The jersey material is comfortable, but doesn’t feel cheap. I’m not joking, this is a good one.

Old Navy Swing Jersey Dress in Maroon

The bad thing is most of the colors are totally picked over online. It is available in navy here and a pink striped pattern here. It also comes in plus size and maternity. However, make sure to check your local store because mine had A TON of them in a bunch of different colors. The best part is was only like $15, but I know prices are changing daily with all the sales going on. Comfy and affordable is my love language.
Old Navy Swing Dress in Burgundy

Do you have a favorite long sleeve dress that I should know about?