HUGE Lululemon Sale!


Anyone else obsessed with Lululemon? Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while know all about my love of Lulu. I wish I wasn’t a fan because their stuff isn’t cheap, but I just love it. The material is amazing, their stuff lasts forever (not joking, I have a pair of black leggings from 5 years ago that look brand new) and somehow their pants make me feel skinnier than I really am. Clothes that make me feel skinny?!? Sold.


The good news is they are having a HUGE sale going on right now. I’m talking around 250 items marked down, which is WAYYY more than usual. I got an email from Lulu about the sale, which was odd because they rarely advertise their sales. Maybe they usually don’t have to. Their site was down yesterday, but it looks like it is back up and working just fine today. I’m not sure if Lulu bargain hunters rushed the site and caused it to crash, but hopefully you won’t have any problems if you decide to check it out.


Here are a few of my favorites from the We Made Too Much page:

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It is fall, so in most parts of the country, a jacket is a necessity. I own this exact In Flux Jacket, which I’m wearing in the pictures above and  I absolutely adore it. It is reversible which gives you two different looks, and I love the hood in case you are out on a run on a cool morning. It is also pretty rare to see a plain black Lulu jacket on sale, so this is a good one if you are in the market. The Define Jacket has always been a favorite of mine. It has a simple design that just works with everything. In my opinion, all Lulu jackets tend to fit small, especially if you are planning to wear something other than a tank underneath, so consider sizing up. Both styles are on sale for $79 (originally $118-128).

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I’ve always raved about my love of Wunder Unders. They have such a simple design, but they just fit me perfectly. Like I said above, I have a pair of plain black Wunder Unders from about 5 years ago that still look brand new. You’ll never regret buying this style. I’m wearing these exact reversible blue Wunder Unders in the pictures above, which I’ve gotten compliments on every time I’ve worn them. Plus they are like two pairs of pants in one since you can flip them inside out and have a totally different navy blue pair. I’m also in love with these black floral Wunder Unders, which would be perfect with a black or burgundy tank. The blue pair is on sale for $49 and the floral for $59.

lw1c65s_023317_1 lw7578s_026360_2

I know most of the country probably isn’t looking for tank tops and shorts anymore, but here in Arizona it is still hot. I work out in shorts and a tank most mornings so I know there are still a few of us sporting summer styles. This pink Cool Racerback Tank is marked down to only $24 and these orange Speed Shorts are only $34. There are also a ton of other colors available in both styles for only a couple dollars more.


Finally, I know there are a ton of people out there who love to work out in hats. Most hats are too big on my head, but I’m still thinking about risking it and ordering this Race to Place hat for only $19. How cute is the pink under the brim?

What do you think about Lululemon? Amazing or too darn expensive?



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