Time to Make a Statement (Plus a Giveaway)

Wood watches

You guys know by now I’m a big watch person. I personally feel like a watch is a functional way to keep track of time and accessorize any outfit. Some outfits require a more casual watch, and others you can… Continue Reading

Black and Rose Gold Watch

Rose gold watch with leather band Vandy

I’m one of those people who always wears a watch. I feel completely naked without it and only take it off to sleep and shower. Even while exercising, I wear a watch. I should always know what time it is, but I… Continue Reading

The Best Men’s Gift Idea + A Giveaway

Isn’t it crazy how the second Halloween is over, it feels like full speed onto the holidays? I’ve already been asked for Christmas gift ideas several times and names have been exchanged for various gift exchanges. Even though I resist… Continue Reading