Fall Amazon Fashion Finds

My favorite sherpa of the year

Amazon Prime is a way of life. I get it, not everyone has a Prime account, but for our family, convenience is EVERYTHING. Whether it is groceries, deodorant or a cute skirt for an upcoming girl’s trip, Amazon really does have it all. Today I’m sharing a huge round-up of my fall Amazon fashion finds.

Note: This post contains affiliate links

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If you would have told me a year ago that I’d regularly be sharing fashion from Amazon on my blog, I would have said no way. I know, a lot of the items are from China, but those sellers really have improved their quality and started to figure out American sizing. And the ones that didn’t work were promptly returned. I’ve included thoughts on sizing for each item below. A ton of these would make awesome and affordable holiday gifts! And onto the list, in no particular order.

1. Side pocket leggings and a long sleeve leopard t-shirt

I actually shared this exact photo earlier this week in my fall athleisure favorites, but I couldn’t resist sharing it again because both my leggings and leopard t-shirt are from good old Amazon. I’m wearing the burgundy color in these leggings (they look a tad pink in this lighting) and I’m a big fan. Note quite as good at the ones sold at Lululemon, but they are pretty great and 1/4 of the price. I’m wearing a size small in both the leggings and top and I’d say both run true to size.

2. Buffalo plaid long cardigan shirt

I really don’t know how to describe this long duster cardigan shirt with buttons thing. It’s not a sweater. It’s t-shirt material but does have buttons that you could actually button. At first I wasn’t sure about the material, but then I realized I actually really, really like it. It’s not heavy or bulky like a sweater and can easily be worn on it’s own or under a jacket. In fact, I received a ton of compliments on it the first time I shared it in my L’BRI holiday gift post. It’s also available in other colors, as well as a few leopard prints.

3. Roll neck turtleneck sweater

Yep, turtlenecks are back! It’s funny because when I think of turtlenecks, I think of my husband. He used to rock them back in college and they were likely purchased at Abercrombie. No need to drag yourself into an Abercrombie anymore because you can find this cute and soft sweater on Amazon! I’m wearing a small and it’s also available in other colors.

4. Rainbow striped sweater

This striped sweater is one of those I saw over and over on Instagram before I finally made the purchase. You guys, it’s even better in person and it comes in other color combos. I’m wearing a small here and like the fit, but if you are looking for a more oversized sweater you may want to size up.

5. Mustard knit cardigan

I’m going to start out by saying this mustard sweater is also available in other colors. I love the mustard, but I know it isn’t everyone’s favorite condiment. Cozy, soft and runs true to size.

6. Long sleeved henley

This oversized henley is so cozy

Amazon is known for taking cute styles and creating cheaper versions. This one in particular is a total Free People dupe. It’s super roomy and cozy (just like FP is known for) so keep that in mind when ordering. It also comes in other colors and I’m wearing a small.

7. Tiered skirt, felt hat and fringe bag

I know, I keep re-sharing photos, but you saw this skirt in my Nashville trip recap. It comes in a ton of different prints and has a super stretchy wait. It was hot in Nashville so boots and a tank worked, but I could also see this one with tights, heels and a sweater. I also have to give major props to this $23 fringe bag. It’s not real leather, but it was perfect for NYFW and Nashville. Plus it makes such a fun little statement.

8. Sherpa jacket

If you don’t have at least one (or 12) sherpas hanging in your closet, you are missing out. This one is as soft as can be and comes in a bunch of colors. I almost ordered the red for around the holidays, but decided to go with the khaki just so it can match with more. The zipper probably isn’t the greatest thing in the world, but at $30, I’m not too upset with it. I’m wearing a small here and I like the fit.

9. Colorblock teddy bear jacket and hat

Another sherpa? Nope, this one is totally different. Right? Well, the material is more of a small nubby teddy bear material than sherpa, and it has a cute color block combo. Since I live in Arizona, this is about the heaviest coat I’ll need all winter. I did size up to a medium on this one because the pictures online made it look small and who really likes a tight jacket. I like the fit of the medium, but I bet the small would have been totally fine, too.

10. Star knit sweater

This one is definitely one of my favorites. The khaki with the black starts really pops and I just adore the oversized fit. Top 3 purchases of the fall for sure. I’m wearing a small again in this one. P.S. it also comes in two other color combos.

11. Colorblock waffle knit button top

Love the colorblock with the buttons

I absolutely love waffle knit shirts. They feel like fall and totally work, even when it is still regularly in the 80’s in AZ. This one has faux buttons which aren’t functional, but I don’t mind that because I don’t get the button up shirt gap where you can see my bra. I like the fit and the cute little tie at the bottom. Again, this one comes in other colors and runs TTS.

12. Deep V pullover sweater

I’ve been on a big fun print shoe kick this year, so I was on the hunt for a classic black sweater that would go with everything. This deep V neck totally fits the bill. The V dips kind of low, but not low enough to see anything exciting. Also runs TTS and comes in other colors.

13. Waffle knit V neck top

See above for my love of waffle knit shirts. This one can be worn on or off the shoulder and is nice and cozy. Love the soft sage color and fit (TTS)

14. Waffle knit V neck thin sweater

Is this the same shirt as the one above? Well, that’s the funny thing about Amazon. I thought I was ordering a second color of the same shirt, but this one arrived and the material is totally different. This one is more of like a waffle sweater knit and the other is a fuzzy waffle knit. You know what? I like them both and don’t really prefer one over the other.

15. V Color block Sherpa

I don’t know why I put this one as #15 on my list because it is probably my favorite. See above for my love of Sherpa and this pullover is as good as it looks. If you are going to get one of the items in this list, I recommend this one. I’m wearing a small and it comes in other color combos.

16. Joggers (Camo and Black)

I’ve realized I have a thing with camo joggers. I might own three pairs, but they all look totally different. Well, as different as camo joggers can look. I really liked the fit of this camo pair so I decided to order the same style in plain black, which I have yet to photograph. However, the black is again, a totally different fit, style and material. However, both are pretty awesome. If you are into joggers, give both of these a try. I’m in the small.

17. Utility Rain Coat

This raincoat comes in a bunch of colors

I get it. I live in the desert where it doesn’t rain too often. But, I really liked that this utility jacket is lightweight and can be worn in the rain if that ever does happen. It is a tiny bit loud (probably do to the waterproofing), but I really like it. There are two different styles on Amazon and I’m wearing the long style in a small.

18. Waffle knit one shoulder top and hat

This waffle knit top can be worn as a boat neck or off one shoulder. It has a cute little twist on one side and also comes in a whole bunch of other colors. Again, wearing a small.

19. Long sleeve tiered dress

Finally, number 19 is this plain black tiered long sleeve dress. It is also available in short sleeves, but I liked the long sleeves because I thought it would be cute with a vest or jacket. As with almost everything else, I’m wearing a small and I think it fits TTS.

Does anyone own any of these fall Amazon fashion finds? Which is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!