Christmas Pajamas for the Family

We still have a month and a half until Santa comes down the chimney, but now is the time to get your holiday jammies. Not only do sizes get picked over, but you might as well get some use out of them before your kids grow and they don’t fit anymore. Here is my annual Christmas pajamas round-up for men, women and kids.

Note: This post contains affiliate links

Kids striped pajamas, my striped pajama top and pants

A few things on our Christmas pajamas this year. I ended up getting my kids’ jammies from Hanna Andersson because A) I couldn’t find the elf pajamas I really wanted for my kids in their size in time for family photos and B) the Hanna pj’s are seriously the best. Yes, they are a tad more pricey, but they don’t shrink and the quality is outstanding. I always go up a size or two in hopes they will fit again next year.

And just for a quick dose of reality, I had plenty of kid outtakes while trying to take these photos. Moms, you can all relate to these. HA!

My striped thermal pj’s are from Old Navy. Now here’s the thing. I spent more on my kids than I did myself for a few good reasons. One, I can’t sleep in long sleeves and pants in AZ. I really only wear mine for photos and fun holiday events like baking, opening gifts and such. It’s too hot for me to wear both to bed. However, the prints Old Navy has out this year are super cute and I hope that mine will fit again next year. Although you never know with the way I’ve still been sneaking Halloween candy.

I also grabbed Kenzie this really cute nightgown set for her and her doll, which is available in a bunch of different prints. She’s been begging for the sets from the American Girl store, but those are insanely expensive. These are much more affordable and just as cute!

Here are my other recommendations for family Christmas pajamas this year.