16 Cute Pairs of Statement Earrings All Under $30

I need these $12 earrings

I love a fun, affordable trend. A few years back, statement necklaces were all the rage. This year, the statements have moved over to earrings. Tassels, balls and fringe are spicing up our earrings for summer and I’m sharing a bunch of favorites with you today. This is one trend we can all afford to get behind.

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The perfect spring outfit

Outfit details: jeans, blue tank (similar), shoes, straw bag, earrings (C/O Bauble Bar), sunglasses

Give me all the tassel earrings

Before I get talking about earrings, a quick reminder to everyone that Mother’s Day is just over a week away. If you missed it, I posted my Mother’s Day Gift Guide earlier this week with a bunch of adorable gift options. Click here to check it out and don’t forget to take care of your mama.

Such cute and affordable earrings

Back to earrings. Here’s the thing about all the fringe and tassel earrings we are seeing all over the place. They aren’t heavy!!! I’m serious! Like most of you, I can’t take wearing heavy earrings where I feel like my ear lobe is going to rip in half. Even though these earrings look large in size, the little pieces of thread are super light and comfortable. I mean it!! If you are hesitant, try out this pair of tassel earrings from Target for only $12.99. I own them in a ton of colors (thanks to my friends over at SugarFix by Bauble Bar) and can’t say enough good things about them.

Those earrings are adorable!

The biggest reason I love statement earrings right now is because they instantly transform an outfit. For example, take this one. Yes, a pair of ripped white jeans and a blue tank look cute together, but the colorful fringe earrings totally make the outfit. I use this trick alllll the time with jeans and a simple t-shirt when I’m running around with my kids. I can be comfortable, but still look put together. #momhack

Such a cute spring to summer outfit

In case you guys are ready to jump on the fun earring bandwagon, I’ve pulled together 16 of my favorite pairs which you can shop in the widget below.

How do you feel about statement earrings? Yay or nay?

     I love the multi colored fringe

The earrings are perfect with this tank The earrings totally pop with this outfit

We can all afford these amazing statement earrings



  1. Those statement earrings look super cute and totally suits you! I love a good statement earrings and I am loving those white distressed jeans you are wearing❤️

  2. I LOVE a good pair of statement earrings! They definitely take a simple outfit a notch higher. The ones you’re wearing are BEAUTIFUL!

    XX Kristina

  3. Oh you already know I am a huge fan of statement jewelry!! Love these earrings, can’t wait to add a few more to my collection!!

  4. These statement earrings are too cute, they would def dress up any outfit and make it pop. I love the fan shaped ones, they are the new style that I’ve been seeing everywhere as of late.

    xo Sheree

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