Color of the Moment: Yellow

Yellow is my new favorite color for spring and summer

Do you ever have colors that you somewhat disregard when it comes to clothing? Yellow previously was one of those colors for me. I’d always choose blue or pink any day over yellow. It wasn’t that I disliked yellow, but it just never said “buy me” before. However, yellow has really been popping out at me this spring. It’s bright, cheery and flat out fun. I’m declaring yellow my color of the moment.

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I'm in love with the pops of yellow

Outfit details: wedges, jean shorts, tank (similar), bag, earrings, sunglasses

In case you can’t tell from the photos, spring is in full bloom here in Phoenix. We have vibrant flowers all over the place, which is absolutely beautiful, but a killer on my allergies. I’ve been doing a tad better in the last week or so, but allergy meds have been my best friend. I actually am one of those people who would rather suffer than take any sort of medication, but I’ve had no choice these days. I mean, do you see all those yellow flowers blowing pollen around? Pretty, but ahhhh-chew! Red, itchy eyes aren’t exactly my style.

The yellow accessories are so much fun

Sneezing aside, as a blogger, it doesn’t hurt to stumble upon scenery that matches your outfit. I mean, I live in Arizona – the land of the beige. And I very rarely wear beige (it doesn’t do good things for my skin tone). But let’s get back to yellow for a second. I 100% acknowledge that yellow isn’t the world’s favorite color. Mostly because it is bright and says “look at me”. However, that’s just what I’m digging about it lately. Now, I’m not saying you have to jump right into a yellow dress or anything. Start out slowly with yellow accessories, just as I did with this outfit right here.

I need these yellow shoes for summer

I shared a picture of these yellow wedges on Instagram last week and you guys went wild about them. They are by Marc Fisher and I now own this same pair in three colors because they are just that good. I I can tell you this, you’ll be seeing them on my feet all summer long.

What do you guys think? Are you ready to rock some yellow with me this spring and summer?

I think i need those yellow shoes

These yellow wedges are too cute

How to wear yellow in spring and summer




  1. I am obsessed with yellow 🌞 I’ve loved it for awhile now, especially mustard yellow!! You look fab babe!

  2. I am totally into yellow right now as well, I’ve worn yellow tops and dresses and yet to wear yellow on my feel. Cute outfit.

    xo Sheree

  3. I have some yellow shoes too but loving these wedges so much! They look comfy too.

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