Why Utility Vests are the Best for Fall and Winter

Army vests are the perfect layering piece

I’ve always been a huge fan of vests. They give you that perfect layered look without the bulk of a coat. Especially living in AZ, a good vest is just about all you need to survive “winter” in the desert. Vests are perfect for those days where you want a little something, but aren’t quite ready to pull out the parka. The utility vest is my vest of choice this winter season.

Utility vests are all the layers without the bulk!

Has anyone ever tried to wear a puffy vest in winter underneath a coat? You end up looking like the marshmallow man. While I’m a huge fan of puffy vests, they become hard to wear when the temperatures get closer to freezing. Now, that’s exactly the reason why I’m a fan of the utility vest. Since they are usually only one layer of cotton, they are super easy to wear underneath a coat, if needed. All the layers, none of the bulk.

I'm in love with the utility vest trend

Why a utility vest is perfect for Fall and Winter

Outfit details: vest (C/O Hashtag DNA) , plaid shirt, jeans, shoes, earrings

I’ve worn this black utility vest multiple times since I got it. It is super comfortable, fits true-to-size, only $42, and I love the black color. I feel like most utility vests usually come in army green. I’ll admit, army green hasn’t historically been my color, but I’m starting to come around to it this year. However, I still was drawn to the black utility vest because it matches a good majority of the stuff in my closet. I know how to wear black and I know I’ll wear this beauty over and over this year.

While I love my black version, I linked to a few of my other favorite utility vests that are perfect for Fall and Winter. Click the arrows on the sides of the widget below to scroll through the options.

Are you a fan of the utility vest trend, or should it stay with the soldiers? Let me know in the comments below!!



  1. This vest totally suits you for! I love the green utility vest! It is something I would definitely wear with a pair of denim! ❤️

  2. I like the utility vest look too, especially paired over a flannel this time of year! I have one in cargo green!

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