Vacation Recap: Part 1 (Tenerife, Spain)

I’ve now been back in the US for a week and think I can finally say I’ve recovered from jet lag. Well, I suppose I should say my kids have recovered, meaning they are now allowing me to sleep until a somewhat acceptable time to rise. I never thought I’d be so pumped to wake up at 6:02 am, but #momlife.

Since the laundry is finally put away and I’ve had a little time to reflect, let’s dive into a good old vacation recap. Or at least the important stuff: what I wore on vacation. I’m breaking my trip into three separate posts because a two week vacation is simply too much to include in one. I hope to finish all my vacation recaps next week.

As far as travel goes, our flight route was Phoenix –> Dallas –> Madrid –> Tenerife. Tenerife is the largest and most populated island in the Canary Islands, which are part of Spain. It took us a full 24 hours of travel before we reached our hotel, which is long but totally worth it in my opinion. I’ve received a TON of questions about why we decided to go to the Canary Islands. The answer is $406 multi-city round trip tickets. Yes, seriously. It cost us more to fly to Ohio for Christmas than it did to Spain and back. We took our kids to Australia, New Zealand and Bali last year so after that trip, we feel like we could take our kids everywhere (which we fully plan on doing in life). After 24 hours of travel, we couldn’t have been happier to get to our hotel. We stayed at the Ritz Carlton Abama on Tenerife, which was absolutely spectacular.

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Ritz Carlton Abama Review

Our long overseas flight on the way there was a red eye. Thankfully, both kids slept for about 7 of the 9 hours on the long flight and another hour or two on the flight from Madrid to Tenerife. We didn’t feel too bad when we arrived at our hotel and were energized enough to head out to dinner. Probably pure adrenaline at that point, but that was all we needed.

Off the shoulder black dress

Since I was in Spain, my black off the shoulder pom pom dress felt perfectly appropriate for night one. This dress is seriously the cutest $14 dress I own. It fits true to size (I’m wearing an XS for reference) and is perfectly cute and comfy. I’m also a fan of this chambray version.

My sandals are by Tory Burch and are about 5 years old and still kicking. I’ve had to have the soles replaced once because I wore them so much, so I can honestly say a pair of black patent Tory sandals are worth the price. My exact style isn’t available anymore, but the classic Millers are a good option.

Pom Pom Top

When we woke up the next morning, we decided to hit the beach. After all that travel, I deserved to sit on a lounge chair and drink sangria at noon (after all, I was in Europe), right?! We weren’t able to swim in the water because there was a crazy amount of jelly fish in the area, but there were some pretty amazing views off the rocks near the beach.


My cover up is from Lilly Pulitzer, which I purchased earlier this year during the After Party sale. Best time to purchase Lilly, hands down. My exact print isn’t available anymore, but this one is pretty similar and I’m also a big fan of this one. You can get the scoop on my hat and beach bag in my spring break essentials blog post.

Cold Shoulder Embroidered Dress

I wore the cutest ivory cold shoulder ruffle dress out to dinner that evening. The sun started to set so the picture is pretty dark, but you get the point. It isn’t currently available, but it is from If you are in the market for an ivory dress, I’m also a fan of this one and you can click here to get the scoop on my wedges.

Black and white cover up

We spent the next day at the pool. Given the jellyfish situation and the amount of amazing pools at the resort, the kids were totally happy being in fish-free water. I’ll be blogging about this cover-up and a few others later on this week, but here’s a little sneak peek. It is by Amita Naithani (C/O), which is sold online at Lord and Taylor.  This exact style isn’t currently available, but it will be later on this spring and summer. I’m also wearing a pair of white Jack Rogers jellies, which are a total steal if you are looking for new pool sandals for this year.

Lilly Pulitzer floral dress

We headed out to dinner again that evening (because what else do you do on vacation?!), and I couldn’t resist sporting a little more Lilly. The bright colors and patterns just get me. This dress was also purchased at the After Party sale so the pattern is no longer available, but this one is the exact same style in one of Lilly’s new prints. Pretty sure you’ll see this dress over and over this summer because I’m obsessed. Enough so that I’m seriously debating buying the new print at full price. I’m also wearing a pair of my fav gold Jack Rogers sandals.

Pastels for the family

Not possible to get both kids smiling and looking at the camera, but aren’t you in love with all the bright colors?! I’m so ready for spring and summer.

We had one of the most spectacular sunsets I’ve ever seen during dinner that evening. Pretty impressive, mother nature. Gotta give it to you.

Grana Review

On our last full day in Tenerife, we decided to take a trip up to Teide, which is an active volcano (last erupted in 1909) and the highest point in Spain at over 12,000 feet. We drove our rental car up a ton of winding roads, through lava rock fields until we reached the gondola to take us up to the top. It was a tad chilly at the top of the volcano (there was even snow on the ground), but the views made it totally worth the trip. We hiked around and took it all in. One of those things that I never thought I’d do in life. Pretty amazing.

Since we were going to be hiking around, I went athleisure for my look of the day. My leggings and tank are from Grana (C/O) and are made of the softest material ever. They fit true to size and rival all the spendy activewear companies out there. You can use code JENNYDxGRANA to take 10% off their already low prices. I not-so-secretly want this tank in ever color.

A family volcano selfie, just because both kids are looking and almost smiling. I’ll take it.

Embroidery cover up

We headed back to the hotel and ended up eating our final dinner on the beach, watching the sunset. I blogged about this dress/cover-up last week, but here it is again in case you missed it.

 Part 2 coming soon. Has anyone ever been to Tenerife? Does this make you want to plan a trip?