The Cutest Custom Valentine’s Day Card Ever

Printed Valentine's Day Cards

I have no idea what happened to January, but somehow the month is almost over and Valentine’s Day is only a couple weeks away. My son has a big Valentine’s Day party at school each year where he passes out cards to everyone in his class. Last year we hit up Target and bought a box of valentines featuring Chase from Paw Patrol, his #1 idol at the time. He was excited about them until he proceeded to receive 5 identical Paw Patrol valentines. Total bummer. Clearly he wasn’t the only one with that idea.

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Silly Custom Valentines

This year, we decided to mix things up and make the cutest custom valentines ever. Since he is the only redhead in his class, I’m confident no one will show up on February 14th with valentines like his. I’m so excited to partner with Minted and bring you the cutest custom valentines ever made.

Cute Custom Valentine's Day Cards

I scrolled through the pages of adorable classroom valentines with my son and he instantly fell in love with the “secret admirer” card. I love that it features a photo (I’m a sucker for any type of photo card) and he thought the silly glasses were hilarious. We also had the option to customize the back so I couldn’t resist throwing a picture on there with his sister. Love, love, love.

Funny Valentine's Day Card Sweet Valentine's Day Card

The cards are “classroom size” which means they are smaller in size, just like traditional valentines. No kid wants to be the one whose valentine won’t fit in the shoe box covered with construction paper!! The cards come printed on nice card stock and you have the option to upgrade your edges (we went with the scalloped edge). The valentines come with envelopes, but they are too small to be mailed on their own. You can always throw the valentine in a bigger envelope, which is what I plan to do, if you want to send them out in the mail. I know a couple grandparents who can’t wait to get their hands on one of these!

Custom Valentines for Girls

My daughter Kenzie is only two years old and not in school, but I think the girl version of this card is pretty darn adorable. Maybe next year when she starts preschool she can get in on the valentine game.

Custom Valentine's Day Cards for Boys

Carter’s second favorite card didn’t feature a photo, but is still customized with the name. He liked the trunk on this “Hauler Back” card, which also made me chuckle.

Printed Valentine's Day Cards for Girl

I also love how a number of Minted’s cards have a game like a maze or tic tac toe on the card. This “a-maze-ing” card is another favorite of mine.

You still have time to order custom valentines like these (click here to see the estimated delivery dates). Cutest custom Valentine’s Day card you’ve ever seen or what?!