Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

I can’t believe Valentine’s Day is just over three weeks away. This past week, I finally started to feel like I’ve recovered from Christmas and it is time to start thinking about gifts for the next holiday. While I do think Valentine’s Day is a total Hallmark holiday, I don’t really mind a reason to get dressed up and eat a nice meal with my loves. And by loves, I mean my husband and kids because I’m not about to shell out the extra cash for a Valentine’s Day babysitter (#momproblems).

I honestly feel like a Valentine’s Day gift can be anything – a sweet, inexpensive gift, a sentimental keepsake or a big gift that you know your love will really love. My husband and I have done card-only years, big gift years and everything in between. It all depends on what we have going on at that point in life. For holidays like Valentine’s Day, there is no right or wrong gift.

Here is my Valentine’s Day gift guide for him and her. Feel free to shamelessly forward this post on to your love if needed.

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Gift Ideas for Her

Silver Love Bracelet

If you are looking to purchase a wearable keepsake, I absolutely recommend a piece of handmade jewelry by Laurel Elliott. All of the pieces are handmade by the artist herself at her studio in New York City. I recently took a handmade jewelry class and can now first-hand appreciate the amount of work, time and love that goes into making such a gorgeous piece. I received this beautiful Love Mobius Bracelet (C/O) which is inscribed with the word “love” in 28 different languages. It has an oval shape so it fits perfectly, has a gorgeous shine to it and an even better message. I also adore Laurel’s “I meet you in every dream” disc necklace, as well as this twisted love pendant necklace. While most of her pieces are made with sterling silver, there are a few gold and platinum options as well. Amazing pieces that will last a lifetime.

How adorable is the heart pattern on this Kate Spade leather wallet? My last two wallets have been this exact style by good old Kate, which I love because the zipper keeps my stuff from falling out. A good wallet can last many years so it is worth spending a tad bit more on something like this that will be used every single day. If the wallet is a bit out of your price range, consider this cute Kate Spade heart iPhone case instead. My husband already has my heart, but a Kate Spade heart print wallet wouldn’t be a bad reminder.

Barefoot Dreams Sweater

I posted about this Barefoot Dreams cardigan on Instagram the other day ago, but it is seriously one of my all-time favorite things in my closet. I purchased a beige colored Barefoot Dreams cardigan almost three years ago when I first read a blog post about it online. It was a few weeks before my daughter was born and at the time, it seemed reasonable to buy a comfy cardigan for recovering in the hospital. I have worn this thing to death inside my house as a robe and outside the house as a sweater. Three years later, it still looks brand new and feels as soft as the day I purchased it, but the beige color didn’t match with as much as I wanted.  I asked my hubby for a black one for Christmas (the one in the photo above), which I’m actually wearing as I write this post. This sweater isn’t cheap ($92, eeek), but it is the softest, most comfortable thing I own. The perfect Valentine’s Day gift for someone who enjoys all things cozy.

Gift Ideas For Him

Men's Whiskey Bar Print

I absolutely love how these bar prints from Minted (whiskey print here and recipe print here) look when paired together. The whiskey bottle one says “Together we will age better than whiskey”, which is such a sweet Valentine’s message. Well, sweet for those of us who enjoy a good cocktail from time to time (and I sure do). The recipe print can be customized in any way you want. Upload instructions for your favorite alcoholic concoction or a recipe and Minted will turn them into a piece of art. Minted also has a ton of different pieces that can be framed like this photo heart or print that can be customized with your wedding vows. These are all so sweet.

Mens Ugg Slippers

My husband recently purchased a similar pair of UGG Loafers and they quickly have become one of his favorite pairs of shoes. The men’s loafer style is super popular right now and he claims they are crazy comfortable. The best part is this pair of shoes comes with two different interchangeable insoles – the furry goodness UGG is known for, as well as a simple leather insole which is more practical for the non-winter months.

Bluetooth Speaker

This Bose Bluetooth Speaker is perfect for any music lover. Bose has always been known for their amazing sound quality so this little speaker will pump out some jams. I’m a sucker for the red, but it comes in a bunch of other colors as well. If the Bose price tag is a little over your price range, check out this speaker by Oontz, which I personally own and love for a fraction of the price.

Gift Ideas for the Little Ones

Chocolate Kit

I personally don’t think kids need much for Valentine’s Day. Let’s be honest, all they really want is candy. This chocolate science kit is super cute and a fun activity to show your love on hearts day. If you want to grab a few other nick-nacks for your kiddos, just hit up the Target Dollar Spot. Go ahead Target, take my money with your affordable and cute odds and ends. I love them and so will the kids, all for under 5 bucks.

Do you exchange gifts with your love on Valentine’s Day? Any good ideas you’d like to share?



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