8 Fall Fashion Must Haves


Before I jump into my top 8 fashion must haves for fall, I want to apologize for any downtime or weird error messages with my blog this week. I decided to move my blog over to a new platform because it allows me to do a lot more fun stuff with the design, as well as back-end analytics. After countless hours of research, I learned many websites claim it should be a simple, 5 minute migration. I don’t know what kind of skills you need to have to make this a 5 minute process because it took me hours with multiple errors and technical support calls. And I worked in IT for 12 years before becoming a stay-at-home mom! Throw in a few additional hours of new site design and it has been quite a week. The good news is everything appears to be functioning correctly and I’m working through tweaking the design to my liking. One thing you should know is my actual web address has changed to:


Look the same as before? Well, sort of. If you have my website bookmarked, make sure to update the link to remove the “.wordpress” extension in the middle. The old link will likely work for another year or two, but we all might as well make the change now. Gracias, amigos!


Whew. OK. No more technical blogger stuff. Let’s get to the fun stuff which are my 8 must-have items for fall. I really, really love fall fashion. All the fall colors, layers, leather and boots are so much fun. Can you guess what my top 8 must haves for 2016 are? I’m wearing 5 of them in this set of photos alone.



Drumroll please…………


#1. Booties – I think booties are the perfect transitional boot. You don’t need socks and they typically give your ankles a little bit of breathing room. Not only are they super trendy right now, there are a ton of booties that even have open toes and sling-backs to help those of us who lives in warm places. Wear them with jeans, dresses or shorts. Just wear them and you’ll look awesome. Check out my post here from earlier this fall containing some of my favorite open toe booties.


#2. Distressed Jeans – Really, any pair of jeans will work this time of year, but I’m absolutely loving ones with rips in the knees. I’m not talking about jeans that appear to have lost a fight with a machete, but ones that are distressed in a fashionable way. I’ll let you decide where that line stands. Feel free to check out my exact pair of Paige distressed jeans.


#3. Plaid shirts – Anyone who has been following me on Instagram knows I’m 100% mad for plaid. Every single morning lately, I stand in my closet and debate which plaid shirt to put on. Some days it is with short, some jeans and some leggings. These things go with everything and look particularly good next to pumpkins. Check out my post here from last week with a bunch of plaid shirts for under $20.


#4. Scarves – I will never count the number of scarves I own because then I’ll never hear the end of it from my hubby. I own a lot. They are the perfect layering piece, plus they are cute and functional. I recently made the plunge and bought my very first blanket scarf. I love it so far, but it is still a taaaad too warm to be wearing a blanket around my neck in Arizona.


#5. Off the Shoulder Tops – Off the shoulder tops and dresses were huge this summer and the trend hasn’t gone away for fall. I’m absolutely loving all the long sleeve versions on the market right now. They give you some warmth, but don’t make you feel like you are covering up for winter. I’ve also seen a ton of off the shoulder sweaters, which I think are absolutely adorable. Mental note to buy one.


#6. Cognac bag – A bag this color totally works year-round, but it looks particularly awesome in fall. With the changing leaves, the brown hue just looks gorgeous. My Tory Burch Dena bag is a few years old, but it still goes with everything in my wardrobe.


#7. Vests – Similar to scarves, vests are another one of those functional and cute accessories. They keep you warm when it is chilly, but you aren’t quite ready to reach for the winter coat, and they give you that perfect layered look. I found this plaid one on sale at Old Navy for only $15, so know this is an item where you don’t have to spend a fortune to look fashionable.


#8. Cardigan sweaters – My personal favorite style are the longer cardigan sweaters without buttons, but any cardigan will do the trick. I especially love cardigans with chunky knits. You can throw them on top of just about anything to keep you warm on chilly nights, so they are also super cute and functional. My exact grey marbled cardigan is available here.

Are you a fan of fall fashion? Any trends I’m missing?



  1. Congrats on the new blog platform, it looks great.

    Love your Fall Fashion must haves. 🙂

    • Thanks! I still want to change a few things around, but I’ll take it. Hope you are enjoying some “real” fall weather!

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