Trend Alert: Lace Up Sandals

Lace up sandals are everywhere right now. When I first noticed them popping up in retailer ads earlier this year, I was skeptical. All I could think of is HOLY BLISTERS. But after a while, I’ve gotten used to the idea of the laces. These might not be the shoes you will wear when you need to walk a few miles, but they are cute for short distances. Here are a few of my favorites that are right on trend.


I love metallic sandals. They are easy to dress up or dress down, act as a neutral and match with everything, and make my feet look better when I’m way overdue for a pedicure. These Telly Lace Up sandals from Banana Republic are totally up my alley. I also really love they are 40% off using code SPRINGFUN, which brings them down to $64.80 (originally $108). These look supportive enough to keep the ties from digging into the back of your ankles!


These boardwalk lace up sandals don’t look quite as supportive, but they actually got really good reviews (4.3/5 stars). I love the little tassels on the end of the laces, and the neutral color with go with anything (they come in black, too). Madewell has a sale going on right now for 20% off a $100 purchase or 30% off a $200 purchase using code NOJOKE. They are $69.50 originally so it might be worth finding something else to throw into your cart and collect the savings.


Old Navy is the perfect place to go for a trend like this. Inexpensive and you’ll still look like one of the girls in the catalogs. I can’t guarantee these will be the most comfortable shoes in your closet, but I doubt the more expensive versions will be either. These lace up gladiator sandals are 40% off using code SPRINGFUN, bringing them down to $16.16 (originally $26.94). #bargain

Unnamed image (1)

I really love these Vince Camuto Bellamy pumps. The perfect twist on a classic work shoe. They don’t lace up to your knees, making your co-workers question how you spend your time on the weekends. Perfectly appropriate for a conservative company. I used to work at one and I totally would have worn them.¬†They are currently being price-matched at Nordstrom, making them $83.30 (originally $118.95).

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Finally, these Steve Madden Elivaid sandals only have a small amount of laces, making them slightly more practical, and likely more comfortable, than some of the others. The tassels are also my favorite part of the shoe. Cute option for $59.95.

How do you feel about laces on sandals for spring and summer?