HUGE T3 Sale on Flat Irons, Hair Dryers and Curling Irons

I’m the farthest thing from a beauty blogger. I’m not a product junkie and use way more drug store products than I like to admit. However, I’ve learned the hard way that spending a few extra dollars for good hair appliances is worth it. Yes, I just made up the term “hair appliances”.

A lot of the cheaper hair dryer, flat and curling iron brands they sell at Target just don’t get hot enough to truly manage my hair. I have naturally wavy hair and it needs some serious heat to keep it under control. I’ve had my trusty T3 hair straightener for no joke, the last 7 years and it is reaching the end of its life. After pretty much daily use, I’m beyond impressed. I strongly believe it would have lived longer if my kids didn’t regularly knock it off my bathroom vanity (don’t worry CPS, always unplugged). I love it so much that I even got my mom hooked on the company. I promise this isn’t a sponsored post. I really love my T3 products that much.

I was shocked when last night, a Facebook sponsored ad popped up saying T3 is having a huge outlet sale. How the heck did Facebook know I need a new flat iron? #mindreaders


I ended up ordering this T3 SinglePass flat iron in the silver lace pattern which is on sale for $99 (originally $160). This one has beveled sides so you can also use it for curling, not that I have any idea how to do that. But I could. Maybe I’ll learn. I signed up for the T3 emails and they sent me a promo code (BEAUTYNOW) for 10% off my first order, which brought it down to $89. Free shipping is also available for orders over $50 and no tax in my state, so I’m pretty excited about my amazing new straightener for under $100.


They also offer an even cheaper luminous model for $49.99, which looks a lot like the one I currently own. Definitely bulkier than the newer sleek model above and it doesn’t get quite as hot (410 degrees vs. 450 for the SinglePass model above). I seriously debated ordering this one again because it was such a winner before, but since it is under $50, it doesn’t qualify for free shipping. I also know I’ll use mine daily for the majority of the next decade, so I splurged for the better model. But I promise you won’t be upset if you order this one.


I’m currently using another brand of hair dryer (a BabyBliss, if you really want to know), but I’ve had a T3 hair dryer before. It was amazing, but it didn’t last quite as long as my straightener. This Featherweight gold dryer looks identical to the one I use to own, which is marked down to $99 (originally $200). They also have a more compact featherweight model here for $79 if you are looking for a smaller option.


I’ve never tried the T3 curling irons, but I can only imagine how good they are. After all, the company calls themselves the Holy Grail of Hair Tools. I’m not joking. It actually says it on their “Why T3?” page here. If you are in need of a new good curling iron, this 1.25″ SinglePass Twirl iron is $79 (originally $99).

Click here for the full list of outlet items on sale. Have you ever heard of T3 before? Do you believe they are the Holy Grail of Hair Tools??