My Latest Favorite – Toms Slip On Sneakers

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Apparently, this is the week for me to talk about shoes. I’ve never met a woman who has uttered the words “I hate shoes” so I’m guessing you don’t mind. If you didn’t catch yesterday’s post about lace up sandals, be sure to check it out as well since we all want fashionable feet this summer. #duh

Toms hosted a warehouse sale in Phoenix a couple weeks back. You might have caught a peek of the chaos on my Instagram page, but there were boxes, upon boxes, upon boxes of Toms. It was insane. I’ve never seen so many slip on shoes in my entire life. And being the experienced sale shopper that I am, I totally struck gold at the sale.

My kids probably got the best of the deals, but I did snag my new favorite pair slip on sneakers. Slip on sneakers have been trendy for a while now (I first blogged about them here back in November), but the trend isn’t fading at all for spring and summer. I love the look of slip on sneakers with jean shorts so I know I’ll get a ton of use out of them over the next few seasons.


Anyway, back to my new shoes. At the Toms sale, there were so many shoes in the various boxes that it was honestly hard to focus on one particular pair. But one spoke to me. Is that weird? I can answer that for you. Yes. But these red patent linen slip on sneakers were poking out of a box and as soon as I saw them, I knew I had to try them on. They were a slightly different style that the tradition Toms slip ons, and the shiny patent was perfect to make them a tad dressier. Then, I tried them on and it was like walking on a squishy gymnastics mat. I had no idea Toms used insoles in their shoes, but this particular pair features big squishy ones. They are heaven. I took the picture above of my actual shoes so you can see how they look in real life. I actually attempted to take a picture of myself wearing them, but I’ve decided it is impossible to take a picture of your own feet and not  have them look awkward. Shoe photographer, I am not.

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The only bad news for all of you out there is the red color I own isn’t available online. But the black and tan neutral colors are! I love mine so much that I’m seriously considering buying the same pair in black, especially since they are half-off for only $39.50 (originally $79.50). I love the metal Toms logo that they have on the back instead of the typical blue tag. I’ve gotten so many compliments on mine, it is crazy. If you have been considering a new pair of slip on sneakers, these are totally worth the money.

Do you own slip on sneakers yet?