Athleisure Goodness


Yes, I know I’ve been the definition of a blog slacker lately. Life has been the definition of crazy over the last few weeks and some things had to fall to the wayside. Sadly, this blog was one of those things. However, sometimes a break from from anything is a good thing. It allows us to recharge and come in with a new set of eyes. In the shopping world, it allows inventory and our checking accounts to replenish themselves. Although there are all sorts of new fall trends out there begging for us to buy them, I’m going to focus on the basics today: workout wear.

And yes, I call workout wear a basic item since I spend so much damn time wearing it. Apparently, there is a hip new term for wearing your gym clothes places in addition to the gym: “athleisure”. #trendy

And no, I didn’t make up this term. Google it. There is a whole wikipedia page about it. And youtube videos making fun of it. I suppose I’m totally fine being that person.

I was happy to see that our beloved lulu had a lot of things on sale that are perfect for fall and winter. I know I’m not the only one interested because my blog stats consistently show my lulu posts get the most clicks. We are seeing eye to eye in our workout wear.


When I first saw these striped Wunder Under pants on the We Made Too Much page, I stopped to think before I clicked on them. I was trying to put my finger on where I’ve seen them before, and I realized it was no other than the movie Beetlejuice. Anyone? Or am I aging myself? But then I reminded myself all trends come back and that movie was awesome. And so are these pants. Still not cheap at $69, but way better than paying the $98 full price.

I have a pair of full length Wunder Unders from last year and they are my favorites. In case you didn’t know, lulu will do complimentary hemming on most of their pants. You can see these look long even on the model who is probably at least 5’10’, but feel free to take them into the store and they will shorten them for free. Just a hot tip from someone with a lulu problem.


In case you are skeptical of the full length version, or if you are simply not into styles that make people think about a weirdo movie from the 80’s, these Wunder Under crops might be a safer bet. The price is better too at $59 (originally $88).


I love the color of these Ebb to the Street pants. I procured my first pair of Ebb’s this summer and I’ve only worn them once (don’t forget, I live in a sauna), but they are awesome.  A ton of people swear by these pants and say they are their favorites. I will say, they run big so make sure to size down, especially if you are in between sizes. This color is on sale for $64 (originally $92), and there are a couple other colors/patterns available.


I think the name of this Sweaty or Not jacket is hilarious. It looks somewhat ventilated (aka, there are tiny holes in it), so it would be the perfect jacket to get to and from the gym. Not sure if it would be the perfect jacket for going grocery shopping, dropping off kids at school or dinner with the family, but great for the gym. #notforathleisure. It does get good reviews and the color is great. Good price too at $59 (originally $108)


Finally, I don’t think you could go wrong with this Crew Love Pullover. This one could definitely be dressed up with a cute scarf or look perfect with leggings and tennis shoes. The grey one shown above a few other colors are marked down to $59 (originally $88).

What do you think about the athleisure trend? Are you loving the comfort of lycra, or do you think fashion is falling to the wayside?