SURPRISE!!! Kate Spade Surprise Sale

Kate Spade must be a bit of a prankster. It is funny how she always has to “surprise” us with her sales. At this point, we are all over the surprise since our reaction is always the same. I suppose we never know exactly when we will receive an email about the latest “surprise sale” (the reason she has our email address is because we entered it during the last surprise sale upon entry). But once the cat is out of the bag, we always rush over to check out the goods and make a purchase. The only surprise is how much money you saved.

As it turns out, I absolutely hate surprises, so the fact this isn’t really a surprise work great for me.  I already know Kate will have adorable stuff for awesome prices and this lack-of-a-surprise sale is a good one. Here are my picks:


I’ve been on the hunt for a small black bag for a while. I’ve almost pulled the trigger a couple different times, but something has stopped me (and no, it wasn’t my husband). I recently found this Tory Burch wallet/chain bag combo that looks amazing, but I am not a fan of the price. Therefore, this Charlotte Street Alek bag might be the perfect one. Almost the same look, but it is currently priced at $79. Obviously it doesn’t function as a wallet, but I’d have a lot of $$ left over to buy one of those, too. It also comes in a dune/sand color, as well as hot pink. The hot pink is totally adorable, but totally not practical. Let me know if you need help justifying the hot pink color. I’m sure I can come up with something good.


I absolutely love Kate Spade baby bags. The material is lightweight and washable and they are about as functional as you can get. One of mine recently succumbed to the torture I’ve put it through over the last two years, so I’m thinking about investing in a new one. The style of this Kennedy Park Honey baby bag is similar to my last one with pockets on all sides, tons of room inside, but also has long and short straps. Awesome choice for $139.


I really love the continental wallet style (the kind that zips all the way around), and there are tons of different patterns available for amazing prices. This gold metro spade neda wallet is currently $49. #wantitdontneedit


I’ve had a love affair with Kate Spade jewelry for ages. It never tarnishes, the styles are classic and the prices aren’t absurd. There are a ton of jewelry options on sale, but my favorites are the flower glitter stud set (yes, it comes with two!) and the love notes pave bow bracelet. Both are $29. I’ve seen the larger version of the Kate Spade glitter studs all over the internet, but the style that comes in this combo set is much smaller. The bigger ones did not work for me at all, so this smaller option might be just perfect. Either would make a perfect gift. And no shame if that gift is for yourself.


There are a lot of clothing styles on sale, but most of the women’s stuff is still a tad pricy for my taste. As usual, I’d rather spend my money on accessories. However, I couldn’t resist including this absolutely adorable jillian baby dress in my picks just because of its sheer cuteness. The dress is still $47, but if you are looking for the cutest baby gift ever or have a special event coming up, this one might be worth it. It is also comes in toddler and girls sizes as well. I really wish I could ask Kate why she didn’t make it in my size. #wouldnotbeascute

Click here to peruse the full selection of sale items for other amazing items like sunglasses, scarves and shoes. Pretty sure this is Kate’s way of wishing us a Happy Monday!