Mad for Plaid

Now that we are over a full week into September, I feel like it is time to start busting out fall clothes. Not that my local weather forecast represents anything resembling autumn, but I’m going to do my best today to avoid talking about the Phoenix weather. I know you didn’t come here to listen to a girl in the southwest whine about how she can’t wear sweaters and boots yet. #thatshowifeel #movingon

I’m loving all the plaid styles popping up all over the place this year. For the last decade or two, I’ve generally avoided most things plaid. Maybe it has something to do with the awful plaid uniforms I rocked at school during my entire childhood. It might have made getting ready for school easy in the morning, but my fashion sense was repressed at a young age. I know, tragic. Whatever the cause, I’m over it because plaid is back. And I like it.

I love that plaid is a cheap trend. No reason to spend $100 on a plaid shirt. Do you think lumberjacks are spending that kind of dough for their attire? No way. And you shouldn’t either.


This Banana Republic softwash black plaid shirt is calling my name. The wash makes it sound like it is lightweight so this might work for my location in the country. I also love that it features black. It would look great with jeans, leggings or even black pants at work. Probably not the shirt you want to wear to a job interview, but a good business casual option. Through today, Banana has 40% off all sale items with code BRSALE, or 50% off if you have a Banana, Gap or Old Navy Card using code BRFIFTY.  The codes bring it down to $26.98 or $22.48 with a card (originally $79.50). Not bad at all.


I spotted this plaid popover shirt at the J. Crew Factory store over the holiday weekend. I had my daughter with me who was less than excited about being at an outlet mall so I couldn’t try it on, but I was a fan at first sight. The picture above looks a little grey, but it was more blue and white in person. Also, the material is more of a knit than flannel, which I like because you can wear it for a lot longer. No additional sales on this one for today, but the $39.50 price is still a good value.


This Nordstrom flannel shirt is pretty much your typical plaid top. Classic pattern with the bright red and really awesome. I’m loving how some people style their plaid shirts with a rhinestone statement necklace to take it from farmer to fancy. This one costs $38.


If you aren’t sure about the full plaid shirt, a plaid scarf is the perfect way to get the style but not dive in face first. Dipping your toes in the plaid pool, if you will. I love love love this Madewell scarf. It is wool so it is probably warm, but it looks like it has a very loose weave to it. I also love the slight fringe on the sides. Not cheap at $58, but this one would never go out of style. And think of how cute it would look with a black or grey coat come winter?!

Right now, Target has all clothing, shoes and accessories buy one, get one 50% off. This promotion could be used to get one plaid shirt and one scarf, or two scarves. Pretty much a plaidtastic deal. I know, the bad jokes keep getting worse. It isn’t even 7am and I don’t drink coffee. The things that go through my head.


I can’t tell online if this plaid infinity scarf combo is awesome or awful, but it features not one, but two scarves to create a layered look. They both are lightweight material (perfect for my desert life) and the infinity scarf is stupid easy to style. You could wear one or both. The options are endless. Well, not really, you have three options – plaid, black or plaid and black. But you get my point. $14.99 for both.


I also love this red and black medium weight scarf. I have a similar red and navy one I bought last winter from good old Tar-jay and it served me well. $22.99 for this beauty.

How are you feeling about plaid this year? Plaidtastic? I’ll stop, I promise. Happy Friday!!