End of Summer Clearance at Nordstrom

Who doesn’t love holiday weekend sales? I can already see the Labor Day weekend savings rolling in. Or maybe that is money rolling out of my checking account. Same difference, I suppose.

Nordstrom rolled out a huge End of Summer Clearance sale today. There are a lot of summer items marked down, but I found plenty of boots, jeans and sweaters on sale, too. I’m a huge fan of shopping at Nordstrom because they always offer free shipping, free returns and they will take back virtually anything. They’ve also started doing this whole “Price Matching” thing where they temporarily mark things down to match competitor prices. I don’t know who they are price matching, but I’m not complaining.

I’m gonna say it. I actually think this clearance sale is better than the Anniversary Sale that occurred back in July. There is less hype about it and I’m actually interested in looking at jeans and sweaters now that it is September. Back in July, I was way too busy sweating to really think about cold weather clothes. Who am I kidding. I’m still sweating and it is supposed to hit 100 again in Phoenix this weekend. But I think I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, so bring on the jeans and boots!

_10649495 _10794399

I really need a new pair of jeans. Every woman out there knows a good pair of jeans is really hard to find. Joe’s Jeans are my personal favorite, but it is still hit or miss with styles. I have an old pair of Joe’s which are very similar to these Flawless – Honey curvy skinny jeans that no longer fit me quite right, but they were my favorite in between babies. Probably because I stretched them to their max, but they served their purpose at the time. I have the opposite of a curvy body since my measurements barely change from hips to waist to bust, but this curvy style still worked for me. These are marked down to $119.93 (originally $179). Not exactly a bargain, but can you put a price on a good pair of jeans?

I was so excited when I saw flare leg jeans popping up all over the place this year. I actually saved all my flare leg jeans from 5 years ago, but I haven’t had the nerve to try them on just yet. The big question is will they fit. #doubtful

These Flawless-Icon flare jeans are also $119.93 and look really cute on the model.

_9266424 _10579956

I purchased a pair of Zella Live In leggings back in July from the Anniversary Sale. These are the leggings that 2,200+ women took the time to rave about on the Nordstrom website. Mine seem like they fit great, but I’ve been too busy sweating to even think about wearing leggings. However, I’m excited I have these in my closet come fall. I love these Zella Live In full length leggings and Zella Live In crop leggings. The full length are $46.80 ($78 originally) and the crops are $26.40 ($44 originally). There are also a ton of other patterns and styles on sale if you search on “Zella leggings sale”.


I’ll admit, I’ve always wanted a pair of rubber rain boots, but I have absolutely no use for them since I live in the desert. But if I lived anywhere else, these Hunter rain boots would be mine. They are marked down to $116.98 (originally $195).


I own this exact Nike Lunarglide shoes, but in a different color combo. I was actually a little angry to see them pop up on the Nordstrom sale page because I did the unthinkable when I bought these. I paid full price. Yes, it is true. Back in January, I literally ran a hole in my old pair due to a weird bone that sticks out of my foot on the side (not a bunion, on the other side), and was desperate for a new pair. I went to one of those fancy running stores who convinced me I also needed some overpriced inserts to go inside my new overpriced shoes. I actually love the shoes and overpriced inserts, but I’m still mad about how much they cost.

Well, you can learn from my mistake. These shoes are awesome. They have extra stability in the back and fit perfectly from the first time I wore them. Only a couple sizes left, but I recommend them if you need a new pair. Now $65.98 (originally $110).


I really love Toms. I love their mission, comfort and price range. I have many, many pairs and continue to buy them for my kids. I also love that they hide my toenails on days when I desperately need a pedicure. #ummtoday

This striped pair is marked down to $32.37 (originally $52.95). There are a ton of other cute styles and colors, including wedges marked down, too.


If you missed the big Lilly Pulitzer sale a couple weeks back, here is your chance. Nordstrom has a few Lilly items on sale, including this adorable dress for $58.80 (originally $98). I’m trying to resist purchasing this one since I’m still waiting on my stuff from the Lilly sale over two weeks ago. #slowestshippingever

  _10306348 _10394837

My all-time favorite kid shoes are Natives. Or the knock-off versions they sell at Old Navy. Those are awesome, too. These foamy pieces of genius breathe like Crocs, but look a lot cuter. I was ecstatic when I saw Natives pop up on the sale page because my kids both could use a new pair. However. I’ve been struggling to order these. Every time I add them to the cart, they say they are sold out at checkout. Then if I refresh the page, new sizes pop up. I have no idea what is going on with Nordstrom’s site, but if you can snag a pair, I encourage you to do it. Click here for your options. Most are around $20-23 depending on the style and size.

I love that it is only Wednesday and we have more sales coming at us this weekend. I’ll keep you posted on my favorite finds. Happy hump day!