New lululemon sales, including shorts!

While the bulk of the country is going through a cool streak, we are still sweating it out here in AZ. I’m officially to the point where I’m sick of my summer clothes and ready for a change in weather so I can mix things up a bit.  Prayers to the weather gods are in order.

Since mother nature probably isn’t going to change things up for us Phoenicians anytime soon, I was so excited when I saw shorts on the lululemon “We Made Too Much” page. It has been ages since I’ve seen anything other than pure spandex shorts on sale at lulu. No offense to anyone who wears spandex shorts, but my buns haven’t been in a pair of spandex since I stopped playing high school volleyball. And unless the inner thigh gods start working their powers on me, I don’t see this changing anytime soon.

Anyways, I’m a shorts person. I know some people hate shorts and avoid them at all costs, but I personally love shorts. Unless it is actually cold outside, I prefer to workout in shorts. They are also my go-to lounge wear at home. Needless to say, I might have placed an order this week for a new pair.

Here are my favorite items from the WMTM page:


The lulu Speed Shorts are my absolute favorite style out there. The band at the top helps smooth things out that need smoothing (I have had two kids, ya know) and they have the built-in underwear to keep things appropriate during ab time. I ordered this style but in the bright yellow dot, which appears to be no longer available. But this light pink dot pattern is super cute, or there are a couple other patterns available. Great shorts for $39 (originally $54).


I also really like these Super Squad Shorts for $39 (originally $54). I personally don’t own this style (yet), but all the reviews say they are the same length as the speed shorts with different detailing on the sides. This black/gold pair are pretty great and there are a few other patterns available as well.


I’m debating ordering this Straight Up Tank for $34 (originally $42). I could really use a new plain black tank and I love how this one has normal straps instead of the typical racerback. The fabric is Light Luon, which apparently is a lighter-weight version of lulu’s standard material. I have no idea what Light Luon means, but I like lightweight material so it might be a win.


I might just be day-dreaming for sweater weather, but this Devi Crew Sweater is really adorable. Clearly this would not be a good option for workout clothing, but maybe to and from. It also comes in a grey/white/mint color pattern as well for $49 (originally $118). Those of you enjoying that cool streak could probably enjoy this one right now. #jealousyrunsdeep


Finally, since I’m a total sucker for lightweight scarves, this Sun to Moon scarf caught my eye. It also comes in a lighter/white color option for $39 (originally $68). I actually like this scarf with the white tank underneath, but I’d probably match it with jeans or black leggings. This is my style for sure.

Is anyone else excited about sale shorts? Enjoy the weekend!