Trend Alert: Big Sweaters (Ponchos, Cardigan and Capes)

I’ve been loving the trend we are seeing right now that I’m calling “big sweaters”. The reason I’m giving this trend my own name is because every single website calls it something different. During my extensive big sweater research, I’ve seen it called:





Blanket Cape

Cocoon Cardigan

Kimono Sweater

Long sweater cardigan

See what I’m saying? Big sweater is way more descriptive. I understand that some of the terms above might imply the sweater would pull over the head or have a slightly different arm configuration, However, effectively, all those terms are implying the garment is not form fitting (big) and is made out of some type of knit (sweater).

Alright, now that we have our terminology straight, I have a confession to make. I ordered a big sweater during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale back in July. I loved the look of it online, but when it arrived I felt a tad overwhelmed by it. That particular sweater was sent back, but I’m still wondering why because I loved it. #returnremorse

Honestly, I think I wasn’t quite mentally ready for a big sweater yet. You have to go into it knowing it will be big and that is the best part about it. This trend comes along at the perfect time when we are seeing pumpkin spice thrown in our face everywhere we go and those holiday cookies are right around the corner. I’m now ready to embrace the world of large sweaters. #bringonthepumpkinspice

If you ask me, this isn’t a trend where we should spend a lot of money. Since the fit isn’t as important as say a great pair of jeans, find a pattern you love and go for it. Next year we will probably see small sweaters everywhere so don’t blow the bank on this one. Here are my favorites:


This southwestern poncho is on sale at Nordstrom for $28.80 (originally $48). I know the pattern might not be for everyone, but I personally live in the southwest so this is perfect for me. Almost like I should be standing next to a saguaro cactus at all times when I’m wearing it. Not too close because that could get dangerous and I wouldn’t want to snag my sweater, but close enough to really look like an AZ native. And if I’m picturing this whole scenario, I should probably have a margarita in my hand because margaritas make everything better. #honestymoment

Anyways, you don’t have to live in the southwest to rock this look. I could see this big sweater paired with skinny jeans and booties to complete one awesome look.


LOFT currently has 40% everything (no code required) which brings this coatigan down to $58.80 (orignally $98). I don’t really love the chambray shirt this model has paired with it, but a simple t-shirt or tank would look perfect. This big sweater also has 68 five star reviews on the LOFT website with people claiming it to be a winner.


This plaid poncho from Nordstrom is currently $38. Not on sale, but a good deal at full price. Only three reviews on the website so far but all say this one is awesome. There is something about this poncho that makes me want to curl up in it in a nice comfortable chair with a book and hot chocolate. Or a margarita. #justsayin


This cascade open front cardigan from Target would be perfect for those of you who might not be looking for big print. Still the same overall style but slightly more subdued. The price is higher than I’d expect from Target at $59.99, but it looks even more expensive than that.


This Old Navy poncho wrap is the best deal going right now for the big sweater trend. All Old Navy/Gap/Banana cardholders can get 40% right now using code (30% off if you don’t have a credit card) using code THANK YOU, which brings it down to $19.76 ($23.06 without the card). Great price point.

Are you ready to go for a big sweater?