Umm, Did I Call This or What?!

This evening, I was browsing the lulu “we made too much” page. I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit I do this on pretty much a nightly basis. While this might be slightly obsessive, I’m convinced persistence is the key to getting a good deal. Especially when lululemon seems to update their sale section almost every evening. Totally sensible if you ask me.

If this is a problem, feel free to send me to overpriced athletic gear rehab.

Anyways, in yesterday’s post, I talked about a few recent fashion fails I stumbled across. It is almost like I can predict the future because these bad boys showed up on “we made too much” this evening:

As a reminder, here is the real problem with these pants:


Even at the sale price, they still cost $79. Absolutely absurd. I don’t think psychic powers were required to see this one coming.

After I stopped laughing, I did come across a couple items that are worth talking about. My all-time favorite skort is back on sale:


I’ve blogged about the pacesetter skirt before and was excited to see it is now available in black and white for $39. I have this same style in a few other colors and might have had a black one delivered to my house last week. Shhh, don’t tell my husband.

Yes, it has ruffles on the back and reminds me of my days in 5th grade when I was a cheerleader. But, it fits great, it’s super comfortable and I always get compliments on it. It also comes in regular and tall lengths. And I promise, you can absolutely be over the age of 12 and still look good in a short skirt with ruffles. No shame in my mid-30s game.


Lulu must be trying to get rid of some of their cold weather gear with summer on the horizon. Most of the items are jackets, long sleeve shirts and pants. This is a good thing for the vast majority of the country since most people can use a good hoodie pretty much year-round. Not a good thing for me since we had our first 100 degree day in Phoenix last week.

I love this think fast pullover, which is marked down to $54. There are two different grey color options and the rulu material it is made out of is pretty much a dream. I’d be ok wearing rulu all day, every day.


This trail bound long sleeve top comes in a couple fun color combos and is now marked down to $49. Since it might be a good 6 months before I’m able to wear long sleeves, I’ll probably pass on these, but I highly encourage the rest of the country to get on it.

Happy Friday!