Red, White and Blue

Red white and blue

With Memorial Day right around the corner, patriotic patterns are popping up in stores all over town. I seriously have to restrain myself when it comes to stars and stripes. I think it is because I have so many awesome memories celebrating summer holidays with my friends and family. There is something about red, white and blue combined with an extra day off work, swimming, grilling, and a few drinks that makes me a very happy girl.

I’ll fully admit that in my early 20’s, I may have taken the patriotic look a little too far. While I absolutely still own a few shirts that look like they could have been made from material stolen off my neighbor’s flag pole, I’ve cleaned up my look a little bit along the way. Well, for the most part.

I’m here to tell you that you can pull off a patriotic look without a child stopping to pledge allegiance to you. The key is picking the right colors and patterns without totally overdoing it. Like for example, in this picture when my husband and brother-in-law ran one of those ridiculous obstacle courses last year:


If you want anyone to take you seriously, I do not recommend wearing flag shirts, bandanas, sunglasses and socks. This is what NOT to do. Although everyone who walked past the two of them sure got a good laugh.

I love that the red, white and blue trend comes back into style every summer and everyone in the family can pull it off. As an adult, the key is to be subtle (aka, do not take pointers from my husband).


I love this red and white star scarf from Old Navy. I could totally see this paired with a navy blue t-shirt and jeans or white shorts. Perfectly patriotic and not overdone. Old Navy currently has 30% off all adult styles with the code ENJOY.  Yes, I absolutely would enjoy wearing this for $11.20.


I’ve blogged about this chambray star dress before, and I finally took the plunge and purchased it yesterday when the 30% code came out. For $23.80 I can’t wait to wear this one all summer long. I think it would look absolutely perfect paired with a red necklace like this one:


This is the Kendra Scott Rayne necklace. Although it is looped around twice in this picture, I think looks best as a long necklace. I have it in turquoise and it is my go-to necklace these days. It hangs at the perfect length and the bright colored stone is the right size. It comes in a ton of eye-catching colors and the red looks like it would work for summer or Christmas. Meaning it can be worn pretty much year-round, so the $80 price tag isn’t all that ridiculous.

In case you can’t tell, I’m trying to justify to myself (or my husband) why I need to order the red immediately.


This red and blue striped camisole from J Crew Factory would look perfect for a summer BBQ paired with white jeans. Perfectly patriotic, but not completely overdone. With code EXTRA20 it is on sale for $27.60.


I’m guessing most guys out there don’t want to own a flag tank top like my husband and would prefer a slightly more toned-down look like this red, white and blue gingham shirt. The J Crew and J Crew Factory slim fit shirts are my husband’s go-to work shirt. He had to size up to get them to fit him correctly in the shoulders, but the slim cut means it isn’t too baggy in the body.  With code EXTRA20, this one comes down to $27.60.


Pool season is officially here in Phoenix, and I’ve been encouraging my husband to order a new swimsuit. I know this isn’t something on his priority list, so this one from J Crew could be a good early Father’s Day gift. With code SALETREAT you will get 30% off, which takes it down to $52.50. Not the cheapest suit in town, but since my husband feels he only needs to invest in a new one about every 5 years, I’d say it is worth splurging for one that is good quality.


When it comes to the kids, I think it is totally OK to go for a little more patriotic pizzazz. Figure they are much smaller to begin with so a big print on a small body seems to work. How cute is this red, white and blue star swimsuit from Gap? Grandma, if you are out there, Mackenzie wouldn’t be upset to see this one arrive on our doorstop.

Kidding. Sort of.


I picked up this tank at Target for Mackenzie this past weekend. It has a little ruffle around the bottom and lace detailing on the back. And for $8 it is seriously as cute as can be.


I don’t know how some of these stores make flip flops for so darn cheap. Old Navy currently has these for $3 for kids of all sizes. I’ll admit, they aren’t good for kids who are just learning to walk. My son is 2.5 and can finally make it across the room in these flip flops without tripping, but for that price you won’t have total buyers remorse when your little one bites it on the pavement. But given my 2.5 years of parental experience I’d hold off at least until they say “flip flops”.


Last summer, I was pregnant with my daughter and couldn’t really partake in all the amazing Memorial Day sales. So instead, I bought my son patriotic Tom’s. This style is unisex and they make a bigger kids version too. I’ll fully admit, I was pretty jealous every time Carter wore his last year. Hot shoes.


This star pocket tank would look so perfect on my little guy. Not quite as obnoxious as dad’s tank above and at $14.95, it won’t break the bank.


Finally, this American Flag baseball hat is great to keep the sun out of the little ones eyes during those outdoor parties. Using code COOL it comes down to $5.95. I do think this is a cool hat, but I do NOT recommend wearing it with the patriotic Toms and star pocket tank. Although, I wouldn’t be surprised if my son came downstairs wearing all that if my husband dressed him.

I’m so ready for a 3 day weekend. Anyone with me?