Tory Burch Accessories Sale


I was browsing my good friend Tory Burch’s website this morning and came across a few accessories that were an awesome deal. I can’t say that I personally know Tory, but I feel like I should since I’ve been looking at her logo on my feet for years. I really like her clothes, too, but they are a bit outside my price range. But the accessories, I can justify since I can wear them on a daily basis. And I pretty much do just that.

I’ve blogged about my love of Tory Burch sandals before. Over the past 4-5 years, they have easily become my go-to summer shoe. I’m not going to count how many pairs I have, but I’ve accumulated quite a little collection in a few different colors and styles. They are always comfortable, stylish, go with everything and run true-to-size. I’ve even been known to gift a pair or two to some of the women in my family, just so they can also get in on my obsession.

When Tory Burch sandals go on sale, I have to try very hard to keep myself from accidentally adding a pair to the cart and entering my credit card information. #shoppingwillpower

Here are my favorites from the latest sale:


These T Logo Flats come in red, white and black and are currently marked down to $122.50. I love the neutral bottom and the style is so classic that it would go with everything. I have a white pair that is very similar from last year’s collection and they still look brand new.


I went back and forth initially trying to decide if I like these metallic thong sandals. After some consideration, I decided Tory can really do no wrong. I have a gold pair from a few years back and I wear them They are starting to reach replacement status, but I just can’t let them go. I’m going to keep my eye on these, but they are currently marked down to $136.50.


These are the best flip flops going for the pool or beach. Waterproof, stylish and CHEAP. There are a few different color options available here and here for $35. Yes, you read that correctly, but just in case, I’ll spell it out for you. THIRTY-FIVE DOLLARS. For Tory Burch.

I’ve heard stories here in Scottsdale about people stealing Tory Burch sandals at the pool or splash pad. While I thankfully have not been subjected to such a pathetic shoe crime, I don’t worry too much leaving my $35 flip flops by my chair at the pool. I leave my good pairs at home if I know they will be removed from my feet #protectyourtorys

flip flops

I’ve never seen this pair of Kiley flip flops before today. They look like they have a soft, foamy bottom with white leather straps and a few charm embellishments. They are the perfect combination of super casual flip flops and slightly more dressy sandals. And the best part, they are only $66.50.

I need these immediately.


I have the Tory Burch wrap bracelet in the cognac color and wear it all the time. The leather band keeps it casual, but the gold rivets dress it up just enough. It goes perfectly with a casual cotton dress or shorts and a t-shirt. This indigo color is marked down to $66.50. Given my obsession with navy, I think this would seriously go with everything. #navyisthenewblack


None of the handbags struck me as a good deal, but I thought this smartphone wristlet was amazing for $108.50.  The pictures on the website make it look like it is large enough for your phone, card, money and lip gloss. It also comes in white. If you are looking for a cute little bag for a night out on the town or even a wallet/clutch combo, this might be the perfect one.

Tory, if you need anyone to be a product tester, please email me at I’m available.