Fashion Fails

I try to make most of my blog posts helpful and useful to the average buyer.

I wouldn’t classify this post as useful, but it might bring on a few laughs.

Yesterday I received an email from Kate Spade with a subject line “We could never forget…”. While I typically only open emails that mention a discount in the subject line, I clicked on it anyways, hoping my friend Kate was featuring an old favorite I purchased back in the day. Instead, I saw this:


Yes, suppose I would never forget if one of my friends showed up at my house carrying this thing.

And do you know how much it is? $398.

For a wicker elephant purse.


Not sure I could really be friends with someone who spends that much money on a wicker elephant purse. I bet this model paid someone to crop out her head so she could remain anonymous.

I love the occasional quirky item, but the only way you can do quirky is if it is subtle. This, my friends, is not subtle.

The thing that amazes me about this bag is Kate Spade clearly brought it back, as if it was a huge seller back in the day. And not only did they bring it back, but they also created a whole “Strut Your Stuff” collection based on it. There are a few cute items in the collection, like a lightweight flamingo scarf and elephant pendant necklace (I actually own a similar one from J Crew), but the wicker elephant purse might be a little much. I also found this gem:


That is an origami elephant cross-body bag. Sorry Kate, but these I’m classifying as fashion fails. Expensive ones at that.

Following the email from Kate, I was on a very boring work conference call, trying to pay attention but instead focusing on the Nordstrom shoe page. Because that’s what people do when they are slacking off working, right? Or is that just me?

Well, I saw these:


I’ve never heard of Jeffrey Campbell, but I have no idea how Jeffrey managed to get his collection into Nordstrom. I mean, look at those things? Who would ever wear those?

 And since my conference call was more than a half hour long, I moved on to women’s pants, where I came across these:


These are literally called “The Newsboy” Paper Bag Pants.  Except these paper bags cost $238. There are just so many things wrong with these. I can’t even begin to explain it.

Finally, I went to check out lululemon. I usually only shop the We Made Too Much page, but clearly I was a little bored so I decided to check out the new arrivals when I came across these:


And just to really emphasize the problem here, let’s check out the back:


In case anyone needs full mesh workout pants, they are $118 at lululemon. I can’t say the mesh really shapes this model’s backside in a positive way. Pretty sure I’ll be seeing these on the We Made Too Much page in the very near future.

Interesting day of fashion fails. Sometimes I’m convinced I need days like this, as if the internet is telling me to stop shopping. I sure got a good laugh out of these and hope you did too.