Old Navy Dresses

I’ve been shopping at Old Navy since I was in high school. I’m not going to do the math, but that is a very long period of time. I can’t say many other stores have¬†stayed on my radar for that many years. #iamold

My needs have gone from casual college kid to young professional, and now I’m always on the hunt for cool mom clothes. Yes, the words “cool”, “mom” and “clothes” do go together.

It amazes me that somehow, this one store has been able to stay relevant. Pretty impressive if you ask me. I’ll fully admit, Old Navy is one of those stores where I absolutely have to try stuff on. Things that look cute on the rack can often look like a potato sack on me. Not really the mom style I’m trying to achieve. Some things aren’t the world’s greatest quality, but for the price, I’m happy to wear them for a season or two and then throw them in the Goodwill pile.

I got an email this morning saying dresses are 50% off. These are the types of emails a bargain hunter like me waits for.

I immediately clicked on the image, only to find a few “select” styles were actually 50% off. Darn marking people, got me again.

But I still proceeded to check out the dresses and found some really cute ones. Even without the 50% sale price, they are all still very affordable and a great buy.

It is almost like those marketing people know what they are doing.

Here are some of my favorites:


I’ve been eye-ing this star print chambray dress for a couple weeks. I can just picture this dress paired with a cute red necklace for Memorial Day or the 4th of July. ¬†There is something about summer that really brings out my patriotic spirit. And it is only American of me to shop at an American company like Old Navy. Even though the fine print on this dress clearly says it is imported. Details, details.

Anyways, this one is excluded from the 50% off sale, but at some point soon when the right sale comes along, I’m going to pull the trigger. It even comes in tall and petite, which is great for a shorty like me.


I’ve always been a huge fan of eyelet. The classic material always seems to show its pretty face every year when spring rolls around. This one is actually part of the 50% sale and is marked down to $20 today. Pretty sure the look on this model’s face says “I’m trying to look relaxed but you better buy this dress”


How cute is this printed black and white maxi dress? I think this one is the bargain of the day at $15. Again, Old Navy features regular, petite and tall lengths for the same price, which is great since maxi dresses tend to be a tough fit.


I think this chambray shift dress is oh.so.adorable. I’m a big fan of chambray, but I always question myself every time I buy a chambray item. I was pregnant last year when the chambray trend came out, and since pregnancy and trendy don’t typically go together, I had to wait until I popped out a baby to join the party. Now, I wonder if it is still hot, or if I’m just late to the game.

Wouldn’t be the first time.


This navy stripe dress is on sale today for $17.50. I could totally see this one as a cute work dress when paired with a colorful jacket or cardigan. Although I’ve been working from home a lot lately, I might need to add this one to my work wardrobe.


This jersey tank dress is one of those that would be so easy to dress up or dress down. Add some heels and it is instantly dressy, or add a pair of colorful flats and like this girl for a more casual look. It also got 4.5 stars by Old Navy reviewers, which means it must be doing something right for the 44 people who took the time to tell others about it.

Even if you miss the 50% sale, I’m sure Old Navy will have another promotion coming up later this week to lure us back in. Marketing, gets me every time.