Five on Friday

 5 on friday

Today I’m joining the Five on Friday link-up and sharing five of my favorite shopping deals for the weekend. Because who doesn’t love shopping on the weekend?

That’s right, nobody.



Summer is right around the corner. While I personally love all the fun stuff that comes with summer, I usually dread one thing: getting into a swimsuit. I don’t think any woman over the age of 22 is excited about putting on next to nothing, getting wet and walking around for all to see. While I’m all for women being confident and proud what they’ve got, I think the easiest way to do this is by rocking an awesome cover-up.

Loft has a 50% off everything sale going on right now. How cute is this cover-up? With the coupon code HALFSIES it is on sale for $34.75.  Pretty sure I need this.



My all-time favorite shorts are the 3″ chinos from J. Crew. They’ve been around for ages and it is a classic style that seems to look good on pretty much everyone. I’ve acquired quite the collection of different colors, as well as different sizes due to having a few kids over the past couple years.

J. Crew Factory currently has them on sale for 50% off at $19.50. They have 11 different color options and other lengths as well if short isn’t your thing. At that price, I can afford to re-buy the colors that don’t fit me due to some waistline changes over the years.



Kate Spade recently added a whole bunch of new stuff to their sale page. This Sweetheart Scallop Bangle is now on sale for $25. It would look great stacked next to a couple other bracelets and is also available in silver and rose gold. Anyone still need a Mother’s Day gift idea?



How funny are these little Corkers from Crate and Barrel? I don’t know what it is, but I love little quirky gifts like this. Perfect for giving to someone along with a nice bottle of wine. They also make a Corker robot and buffalo. If this won’t put a smile on your wine lover’s face, I don’t know what will.

And I’m positive they will be even funnier after consuming a couple glasses.


Children's Place

Children’s Place is having a huge $1 accessory sale this weekend. You have to go into a physical store to get the $1 price, but little kid sunglasses for a buck?? I’m pretty sure I know someone who might enjoy a new pair or two.

1A1B3961 (800x533)

Yes, this guy. I honestly can’t wait to take  him to the store and get him a few new pairs of shades. I don’t know who is more excited, me or him.

Happy Friday!