lululemon – We Made Too Much


Did you know that lululemon has a sale page? I’ve been a big lululemon fan for years, but had no clue until maybe a year ago that they have a sale section on their website. To go along with the brand’s ubercool ¬†image, they are too trendy to just call it their “sale” section. Instead, they call it “We Made Too Much”. Am I still cool if I now exclusively shop off that one page on their site?


I’ll be the first to admit that lulu is completely overpriced.

Way too expensive.

You paid WHAT for workout pants?

Yes, that’s how I feel every single time I suck it up and make a purchase at lululemon.

But you know what? I pretty much live in my workout clothes when I’m not working. It might have something to do with having kids and watching the day get away from me, realizing it has been a good 8 hours since I finished my workout, but never got a chance to shower. #honestymoment

And their clothes happen to hide my post baby belly pretty darn well.

Somehow this brand has managed to remain trendy enough that it is socially acceptable to wear workout clothes for everything.¬†Cool enough that they don’t even have to capitalize their company name. Just sayin’.

And while I have and wear my fair share of cheapo leggings and sale rack tank tops from other stores, I always find myself gravitating towards my lululemon gear. If I wear my Under Wunders 3x a week, that totally justifies the $82 price tag. Right? Whose with me on this one?

I love finding one of my favorite styles on WMTM. This is the acronym for We Made Too Much, which is used by the super cool ladies and men that review items on lululemon’s website. I mean, they have to be cool to have acronyms for the sale rack, right?!

Singlet Tank 3900

I’m always a big fan of the bright colors lulu features on their items. I found this super cute 105 F Singlet tank for $39. I don’t have any of the singlet style tanks (yet), but I always see other ladies wearing them and think they look comfortable, not too form fitting, and stylish. Pretty sure I need one of these in my closet. Stat.

Wunder Under Crops 5900

I LOVE the Wunder Under style crop pants. If I had to pick one closet essential off their website, I’d say Wunder Unders are it. They are my favorites. They are typically reversible, so if there is a patterned waistband, the opposite side will typically be plain black. Meaning you can wear them two days in a row and everyone will be none the wiser.

Although I’ve never done that before. #totallie

Basically these are a 2 for 1 bargain. Totally sensible if you ask me.

They had this pair on WMTM for $59. Too bad they didn’t have my size otherwise I’d have a pair on its way to AZ right now.

Tank 2400

I actually purchased this OM tank in this color for the bargain price of $24. That is basically Target prices so I didn’t even feel bad about this one. Super soft material but it does run very big. I sized down one size based on the reviews and actually think I could have gone down two sizes. The cotton material isn’t the technical-like material, but still is a great workout tank with a cute sports bra underneath.

Pace Setter Skirt 3900

I’m a big fan of the workout skirt. This is actually a skort, but I sort of feel weird using that word and saying I like skorts. But I do.

They have shorts underneath so it doesn’t become completely inappropriate when it is time to do abs.

I don’t have this specific color combo but it is on WMTM for $39. I have this same pacesetter skort in two other colors and always get compliments when I wear ’em. Part of me sort of feels like a high school cheerleader when I put it on because of the ruffles in the back, but it actually makes me feel cute when I go work out. And when I run errands. And when I’m laying around the house. And walking the dog. You get where I’m going with this one.

Hoodie 7900

They also have mens stuff on WMTM. For whatever reason, there is typically not as much stuff on the mens sale page (when I looked, there were only 4 items), but it does exist. This Rival Hoodie was $79.

And apparently their models tend to look a lot like Justin Timberlake. Not bad viewing when you are shopping for your significant other.

If you are planning to purchase overpriced athletic apparel, at least you can save a little money and enjoy free shipping everyday with WMTM. And relive your N’ Sync glory days.

Warning: the items on WMTM are final sale, so I personally try to stick to tried and true styles that I know I love and fit me well. If not, you have an overpriced athletic gear item to sell on eBay.