Have you heard about GroopDealz? Admittedly, when I first found out about it, I thought it would be similar to a lot of the daily deal sites (I’m looking at you Groupon Goods) where it is 75% crap and 25% not really a deal. And while I’ve become a regular GroopDealz shopper, I initially couldn’t respect a website that features intentional typos and misspellings. But as any true shopaholic would do, I got over the branding and dove in head first.


Gold hand-stamped bar necklace – $9.99

The website features a lot of Etsy-like products from small, individual sellers, as well as a few larger no-name manufacturers at awesome prices. Think monogrammed clothing meets stylish jewelry and adorable crafty home goods. Most of the items are under $15.00 and are as cute as can be. It is one of my go-to sites when I need an accessory for a photo shoot, a stocking stuffer for a family member, or ¬†when I want buy myself a little something and not feel bad about it. Some are clearly designer knock-offs, which is perfect when you are looking to try out a trend and don’t want to drop a big chunk of change.

Black and white dot skirt

Metallic girls skirts – $10.99

I’m personally always impressed by the quality of the items coming from Groopdealz. I’ve tried a couple other similar websites before and found the jewelry to be so cheap and flimsy that I wouldn’t actually wear it. I’m all about saving money but not really interested in bad quality.

Leggings 1099

Holiday leggings – $10.99

I’ll fully admit that when I was pregnant with my second child, a girl, I went a little crazy buying clothes and accessories for her. Our newborn photo shoot featured several items purchased off the site. The headband shown below was from Carter’s, but my daughter is the proud owner of several headbands from GroopDealz.

Donnell2014July77 (800x534)

Chevron Swaddle – $11.99

Donnell2014July63 (800x534)

Hand dyed wrap – $5.95

And yes, that is my daughter, Mackenzie. Isn’t she cute?

Since the items are shipped from individual sellers, there is always a shipping charge per item. They do tend to give you a break if you buy more than one item from the same seller. Shipping is typically around $2 or $3 per item so even with that, you still aren’t breaking the bank.

Spike necklace 5.99

Spike pendant necklace – $5.99

My only complaint about GroopDealz is that the deals typically only run for a couple days at a time. And for the really good stuff, the items and common sizes tend to sell out quickly. When that happens, I always rationalize that I didn’t really need it anyways (but then I have a better reason to check back tomorrow).

Leggings 299

Capri leggings – $2.99

Yes, you read that caption correctly. I bought leggings for $2.99.

And they actually fit.

And they are cute.

And kelly green.

And I paid $2.99.

So if (when) my kids dump paint or some other less than desirable liquid on them, I won’t be devestated. #momwear


Wooden monogrammed ornaments – $7.99

Their holiday items are some of my favorite since I don’t consider myself crafty in the slightest. I’m a lost puppy in craft stores, and my two year old can’t decipher my pictures when he asks me to draw. Another reason why it is a good thing I’m an excellent shopper.

Note: This is not a sponsored post I simply wanted to share the love on a site that actually features legit shopping deals. I’ve actually purchased every single item shown in the post above, so I’m a real supporter of the website.