Kate Spade Black Friday Surprise Sale


I absolutely love Kate Spade. To me, it is classic American style with a fun zest. I’ve been buying Kate Spade stuff for 15 years and I have a few things that I still pull out from time to time. If I still use stuff from that many years back, it is totally worth spending a little more for the brand name. And I can justify that type of use from my husband.


Every couple months, Kate Spade has these amazing “surprise” sales where everything on the site is mega discounted.

Surprise, you must pull out your credit card immediately.

And not so much of a surprise, I do it.

The surprise should really be directed at my husband for when he sees the credit card statement. #notthekindofsurpriseshelikes

It isn’t typically the stuff on the actual Kate Spade website, but maybe from a season or two earlier that they are looking to sell out. But since there stuff is so timeless, that is completely irrelevant to me.

Branton square healy 159

For years, I only purchased Kate Spade handbags. I’ve since ventured beyond the purses, but when I see the surprise sales pop up, the handbags are the first things I check out. I love the classic style of this Branton Square Healy bag. There are three color options (black, grey and brown) and for $159, you can make this gorgeous bag your very own.

Charlotte Street Sloan 179

This black Charlotte Street Sloan bag is perfection. I love the option to carry it on your arm or the cross body strap. Not bad for $179.

Brightwater Drive Adaira Baby Bag 159

I’m currently on my second Kate Spade baby bag. The materials are always practical, they hold up amazingly well, and don’t scream “I’m a mom”. Even though it is very obvious I am a mom since I usually have two kids hanging on me, I don’t want to be forced to carry around a fugly option from one of the baby stores. When I found out I was pregnant with my son, one of the very first things I started shopping for was a baby bag. Not strollers, car seats or cribs because I was 100% clueless on where to start with those. But bags, that was my comfort zone. #truestory

This Brightwater Drive Adaira Baby Bag is too cute for words. It would match with most outfits and is so stylish. If you are pregnant or have small kids, I’d add this to the cart immediately.

wallet 79

I LOVE this Wellesley Neda wallet in red for $79. The other color options are completely awesome, too, but there is just something fun and festive about the red. I purchased my first continental wallet (the kind with the zipper all the way around) right after I had my son. I kept having issues with stuff falling out of my wallet when I tossed it in my baby bag. And now that I’ve gone continental, I may never go back. #neversaynever

Sprinkles small henrietta 25

How cute is this little makeup bag? I don’t know about you, but I never buy myself new makeup bags. Pretty sure the one I’m using right now is from a Clinique Bonus Week many years back. Totally embarrassing, but true. This would make such a good gift for any woman on your list. And at $25 it is totally affordable. I could see this being a great “favorite things” or “white elephant” gift that gets stolen many times.

Moon River Studs 19

I absolutely love Kate Spade jewelry. To me, it is the perfect combination of stylish, affordable and holds up well. Kate Spade jewelry is probably my favorite gift to give. And receive. Am I allowed to admit that?

These Moon River Studs might be the best deal on the site. They come in both gold and silver and at $19 you can afford to buy them for several women on your shopping list.

gumdrop studs 19

These purple gumdrop studs are adorable. If you are a person that gravitates towards purple, you should buy them immediately. For whatever reason, I’m not a “purple person”, but I still want these studs.

pave bow ring

This Skinny Mini Pave Bow Ring looks so much more expensive than it is (only $19). If I didn’t have such darn skinny fingers, I’d have one of these shipped to my house immediately.

Gramercy pave grand

I actually have this Gramercy watch in gold but without all the bling. I received it as a gift two years ago and still wear it most days of the week. The face is the perfect thickness and not too bulky overall. Amazing watch for $150.

Lace Quinn Dress 199

How great is this Lace Quinn dress for a holiday party? Admittedly, the $199 price tag is a bit above my budget, but if you are looking for a good investment piece that you can wear over and over, I’d go for this one.

Fiji sandals 35

Is anyone heading down south for a little winter getaway? Or live in the desert like me and sport flip flops year round? I have these Fiji sandals in a different color combo and absolutely love them. They are super squishy, comfortable and super stylish. Great buy for $35.

Surprise! You probably just added way too much stuff to your cart. These sales get me every time.