Holiday Beauty Gift Sets Sneak Peek

Love this Body Butter and Aloe Infused Sock Set

We officially are only 63 days away from Christmas. I know, it isn’t even Halloween yet, but a lot of my readers are already thinking about holiday gifts. I did a poll on my Instagram Stories this week and over 45% of my followers have already started their shopping. Therefore, I figured it couldn’t hurt to share a few of my favorite holiday beauty gift sets for those of you who are already feeling the holiday spirit.

Note: This post is sponsored by L’BRI PURE n’ NATURAL. All opinions included in this post are my own.

How cute are these fun holiday gift sets

By now, you guys should be pretty familiar with L’BRI. I’ve been working with the brand regularly throughout the year (check out past posts here, here and here) to try out a number of their products, which has honestly been so much fun. L’BRI has a huge variety of different beauty and skincare products so it has given me a chance to really use their products and share my honest thoughts.

I love that the number one ingredient in all of their products has and always will be aloe. Most other brands use water and I can honestly say the aloe makes all the difference. The ingredients are all natural and safe, which is important to me when I’m looking to try something new on my body.

Just a few options in the L'BRI holiday collection

Now here is the fun part. L’BRI has rolled out some really fun holiday gift sets, which are perfect for so many reasons. I’ve always said beauty products are a great one-size-fits-all option. No need to take a guess on what size sweater your crazy Aunt Clare might wear or where you daughter’s teacher likes to shop. Beauty products are always a hit and L’BRI is making it easy on all of us with these sets this year. It also doesn’t hurt that they are all super cute!

My personal favorite set is the Intense Body Butter and Aloe Infused Sock Set. They are only $21.95 (awesome price point) and come in a number of wonderful different scents, as well as fragrance free. Use the body butter for a little at-home pedicure and put on the aloe infused socks (which are insanely soft and cozy) for an evening of pampering. Done and done.

Next up is the Natural Radiance Body Scrub and Body Wash set. This one comes in a citrus scent (my personal favorite) and also includes a body pouf and this adorable metallic travel case. Heck, this is a great one to gift yourself! Perfect little set just under the $40 price point.

The last one I have for you guys today is the L’BRI Soap and Lotion set with Caddy. This cute caddy would look adorable next to any kitchen or bathroom sink and I love the stylish gold holder. The tropical breeze scent is pleasant and not overwhelming and I like the $32 price point. But here is the very best part: the set includes a reusable bag that double as gift wrap!! Add a sheet of tissue paper and a name tag and this gift is ready to be gifted to just about anyone!

I’ll be back next month sharing a few of my other L’BRI PURE n’ NATURAL holiday favorites. If you can’t wait until then, check out their holiday set page HERE.

Who has started their holiday shopping? Which set is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!



  1. The kitchen caddy, and the body butter and also infused socks.

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