Enjoying the End of Winter with Mommy and Me Jackets

Seriously twinning

Winter weather is still in full effect in many places, but we are reaching the end of “Winter” in Phoenix. I know, I know, don’t hate me for writing this post if you still have snow on the ground at your house. We are lucky in Phoenix to enjoy very mild Winters, but all good things must come to an end. I absolutely love the Arizona Winter days where we can cuddle up by our fireplace under a blanket or wear a jacket for warmth instead of fashion. Especially the cutest mommy and me jackets ever made on the planet.

These matching feather coats are amazing

Outfit details: matching furry jackets (C/O That Laneway Store), my jeans, my booties, lace cami, Kenzie’s booties, sunglasses, earrings

I’ll admit, I really try to be practical (ahem, sensible) with most of my purchases. However, occasionally we all deserve to splurge a little bit. Whether it is a fancy pair of shoes or a fun coat, life is too short to never step outside the box. Therefore, I couldn’t resist saying yes when the owner of That Laneway Store reached out and offered Kenzie and I the cutest pink furry jackets I’ve ever seen. I mean, can I just freeze time right here?

The cutest mommy and me fur coats

That pink fur coat

The cutest toddler coat EVERRRR

Kenzie is still at the age where she LOVES dressing just like me. She definitely has her own toddler style, but she couldn’t have been happier to put on this gorgeous furry coat. After all, who wouldn’t want to wear a soft, pink and fluffy jacket?! I fully realize these coats might not be practical for grocery shopping or her brother’s baseball practice, but these photos are by far my favorite I’ve ever taken with her. I’ll look back on these special Arizona winter pictures and remember her sheer joy when we were spinning around in our matching jackets, being silly on the sidewalk.

Matching Mama and mini coats

The cutest mommy and mini coat set

I’m one of those people who has a horrible memory when it comes to details, but I can usually remember what I was wearing. I have to be told names at least three times when I’m introduced to someone (note to self: start working on listening a tad bit better). But if you ask me what I wore to a concert six years ago, I can probably tell you. Yes, I’m a total weirdo. There is a good reason I ended up writing this blog due to my odd fashion memory. Some pieces are meant to be remembered and I hope Kenzie will always have fond memories with me in these cute mommy and me coats.

Feel free to check out That Laneway Store online and use code SHOPAHOLIC20 for 20% off your purchase, including sale items.

Is it still Winter where you live, or are you moving onto Spring?

The best matching mommy and daughter coats

How pretty is this pink fur coat?

I love this matching mommy and me coat

    Just stop. Too cute.

The prettiest pink fur coat

OMG this is just the cutest?!

This feather coat is amazing!

How gorgeous is this pink coat?

What a cute mommy and me coat set



  1. These coats are so fun! I know Hallen would love wearing this and matching me. You guys look so cute! And we’re in the same boat on the east coast..a few cold days, and then it’s spring haha!

    have a great week! xxx


  2. Aww you two are so cute together! I love the mother and daughter bonding with matching coats! I am so in love with this fur coat, so gorgeous❤️

  3. Oh my gosh, these photos turned out so adorable !! I love how you two are matching. I need to get my daughter and I a pair!

    xo, Sheree

  4. This is the absolute cutest! What’s not to remember about a moment where you have a fashion moment with mommy. Loving these coats so much and it makes me wish (for maybe a second, lol) that I had a daughter too to twin with.


  5. Ok – -this post is just too adorable! I have plenty of snow on the ground, so this coat needs to be in my closet ASAP!! Hat first pic of you two is so cute, I hope you frame it!!! 💕💗💕

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