The Top 7 Trends We All Can Wear This Spring

This affordable dress is right on trend for Spring

I absolutely love watching new trends roll into style each season. Given my obvious love of fashion, it probably doesn’t surprise any of you that I’m always keeping a close eye on new items popping up in the stores. The runway shows are a good way to see what might be coming our way; however, those can be a bit of a wearable art display. I saw trends like plastic, feathers and giant poofy shoulders (think total 80’s) all over the place in the Spring Fashion shows. While those look pretty cool on 6′ tall models, I doubt many of us a wearing plastic shorts to school drop-off. Therefore, I dissected the fashion shows and came up with my top 7 spring trends we all can wear this year.

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I'm in love with the sleeves on this dress

Outfit details: Scalloped dot dress, booties, sunglasses

This would be the perfect trendy dress to wear to a wedding

This scalloped edge dress with pearl details is right on trend for Spring

 I absolutely love the pearl details on this dress

Here are my top practical and wearable trends for all of us this year:

1. Polka Dots. Polka Dots are one of those things that gains and loses popularity over the years, but never goes out of style. The good news is you can pull out this closet staple and wear the trend with pride this Spring. You might see some dots made of unique materials (the dots on my dress are actually pearls), but at the end of the day, they are still good old fashioned polka dots.

2. Statement bags. Statement bags were definitely popular last Spring and Summer and are back again big-time this year. Keep an eye out for ones that are made of “summer” materials like bamboo or straw. The good news is this trend is typically pretty affordable. I recently bought this black bamboo clutch, which is a dupe of a much more expensive version. But mine is available on Amazon Prime and is under $40.

3. Bright White Accessories. For years, I always equated bright white shoes with looking cheap. Well, this year you can replace “cheap” with “trendy”. I absolutely love the bright white handbag trend, but I’m still coming around to the white shoes. Give me a few months and I’m sure I’ll be rocking them with everyone else.

4. Fringe. I’ve been sporting fringe for the past couple years now. I’m very rarely ahead of the trends, but this one I’ve been all over. Find a cute dress, sweater, tank or shoes with fringe detail on the edge and you are ready for Spring this year.

5. Purple. Did you guys hear purple (well, technically ultra violet) is the Pantone color of the year for 2018? This organization specializes in color and always predicts the hot hue for the year. This year, we are talking purple, which has never personally been my go-to shade. However, I’m always into pastels so I wouldn’t put it past me.

6. Trench coats. Trenches are another classic style that you’ll see all over the place this Spring. I’ll admit, I own an amazing black Burberry trench that has been collecting dust over the past few years. I’ve always loved the look of trench coats and am happy to pull that baby out and give it some love.

7. Stripes. Finally, I’m convinced stripes will never go out of style. They are popular every single year and Spring 2018 isn’t any different. I recently bought this terry cloth sweater (it almost feels like a sweatshirt) and I’m in love with it. Don’t worry, it will make its blog debut soon. Such a great option if you need to add a few updated striped pieces to your wardrobe.

Any other wearable Spring trends we should add to the list? Or will you be wearing feathers to do your grocery shopping this Spring?



  1. Wow,I love your page! This defiantly helped me stay up to date with the latest trends! Also, this outfit is so fab!

    xo Sheree
    Posh Classy Mom

  2. I absolutely adore your dress! The pearl and scallop detail makes this dress so unique. And your spring style trends and your spring style trend choices are looks that I would love to wear!

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