Gift Guide for Moms

The best gift ideas for Moms

I know from personal experience that being a mom is a lot of work. I never fully understood how much moms do in life until I became one myself. I’ll be the first one to say all the moms out there deserve a huge “thank you” from the rest of us. Therefore, it only seems fitting to start my gift guide series with the moms. After all, they were the ones who probably made Christmas special for us when we were kids.

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This is what I call Mom Chic

Chic and comfortable faux leather leggings? Sign me up

Just because someone is a mom doesn’t mean they can’t look chic. In fact, in this outfit, I’m wearing a pair of comfy black boots, a cute long sleeve tee (more on this one later) and the best faux leather leggings (C/O Evereve) ever made. This means I can look stylish and still wear leggings at all times. I somewhat resisted the faux leather legging trend for a while until I tried on this pair by Spanx on a whim. If you ask me, they don’t really look like leather. Just a dressier pair of pants that happens to look perfect with boots. Now they are totally a mom must-have for me.

 Such a cute mesh top

I need this mesh black top. So easy to dress up or down

Now, let’s talk about this mesh long sleeve top (C/O Evereve). It is made out of jersey material so it is comfortable and not clingy, plus it can easily be dressed up or dressed down. It feels a lot like you are wearing nothing more than a long sleeve t-shirt, but it looks wayyyy nicer. Plus it is machine washable for all of the moms out there with little kids. Trust me, it will be worn more often if it doesn’t have to be dry cleaned.

The best striped leggings on the planet

I'm absolutely obsessed with these leggings. Such a good gift idea

By far, one of my favorite discoveries of the year have been K-Deer leggings (C/O K-Deer). These classic striped leggings are so simple, yet so much fun. I’ve never seen a pair quite like them anywhere else and these beauties have developed quite a cult-like following. In fact, I’ve never received so many compliments on any other pair of stretchy pants. Let’s be honest, as moms, we spent a lot of time in leggings. Why not wear fun ones like these?!

The best rose gold shoes ever made

My next favorite discovery of the year have been these rose gold New Balance shoes (C/O Evereve). I can honestly say that I’ve worn these literally every single day since they arrived at my house. Not only are they comfortable, but they are absolutely gorgeous. And don’t they have soccer mom written all over them?! They sure do.

Who wants to sparkle this holiday season?

I love the open back on this top

Since I spend my fair share of time running my kids to and fro, I always find myself reaching for comfy clothes. After all, my usual passengers (aka my kids) are more likely to notice a matchbox car hidden under the drivers seat than what I’m wearing. This sparkle star sweatshirt (C/O Sundry/Evereve) is insanely soft and has the cutest slouchy open back. At least the other moms at preschool pickup might notice my cute top!

Sometimes I need a break from my sweatpants

Sometimes I like to take a break from my leggings

I’m obviously a huge fan of leggings, but sometimes I like to take a little break from them. They can be pretty constricting and by the end of the day, my legs are ready to breathe. How cute are these gold stripe lounge pants (C/O Evereve/Sundry). Not only are they super soft and comfortable, but the gold stripe still makes them look totally chic.

While these are a few of my favorite items, I’ve also included a bunch of additional ideas below. Happy shopping!



  1. So those rose gold new Balance sneakers are love, lol. They are cute and comfy looking all at the same darn time. And my fave are the faux leather leggings. I bought some last year and love them. You look great in yours so I’m glad you decided to get them.


  2. So I basically want everything you posted! Great minds think alike, lol! Love those rose gold tennies so much!!

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