Winter Coat Season is Here!

I love this heather grey coat with a belt

Happy December 1st! I can’t believe November came and went just like that. The holiday season is officially here, and along with that comes the cold temperatures. I’m such a wimp when it comes to the cold. Even growing up in the Midwest and experiencing many years of real winter, I’m still freezing when the temps hit about 50. For me, that means winter coat season has arrived.

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I’ll admit, it isn’t quite puffy coat season in Phoenix (nor is it ever). However, we went to Breckenridge, Colorado over Thanksgiving and I was VERY happy to be prepared with a nice down coat. Especially after the sun went down, it was flat out cold. My heathered grey belted down coat (C/O Lands’ End) was the perfect jacket to keep me nice and warm.  I love the black faux fur on the hood, the longer length to keep my legs warm, and especially the belt.

I’m a huge fan of puffy coats like this one because not only are they warm, but I think they are actually pretty easy to dress up or down. Whenever we travel to cold weather destinations, I always bring a puffy coat with me for that exact reason. But let’s talk about the belt for a second. While I do love puffy coats, some of them leave me feeling like the marshmallow man. The belt helps keep some resemblance of a waist, which makes a huge difference. Just trust me on this one. My exact coat is currently 40% off using code CAROLS and pin 4582.

This down coat is perfectly chic for winter

Such a perfect down coat

A down coat with a fur hood is a must-have item for winter

I love the black fur on this coat

I know a lot of people are looking for a good coat this time of year. Not just because it is cold, but because coats are expensive. I know back in my Midwest days, I used to ask my mom for a new coat for Christmas every year. If anyone is still looking for gift ideas, coats are always a good one. If you are looking for more of a leather or suede jacket, head back and read my post from a few weeks ago HERE. I’ve also included a bunch of my favorite winter coats below.

    What’s your favorite coat style? Let me know in the comments below!



  1. How cool that I just did a similar post?!? It definitely calls for it since it’s that time of year. Loving this puff coat you are donning with the belt which makes it extra sweet and stylish. Growing up in Southern California I’m definitely not a cold person so I have to find a good coat. Great post!


  2. That long plaid coat and the cobalt blue are two of my faves! I have so many coats being here in MI they are definitely an essential!!

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