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Norwex review

Have you ever heard someone say “Gosh, I need more chemicals in my life?!”. Probably not. If you have, there is a good chance they’ve been exposed to way too many chemicals. These days, most people are doing their best to protect themselves and the earth from the bad stuff and replace it with good stuff. Since Earth Day 2017 is tomorrow, I decided to do a little post on one small change I’ve made in my household to help keep my family safe and protect our planet. I’ve recently started using Norwex products for chemical free cleaning.

My mom-friend, Nellie, approached me about doing a collab with her to try out a couple of the Norwex products. I’ve known Nellie for a few years now and she’s one of those moms that always seems to have it all together. She has two young boys who I’ve never seen cry, has some of the best hair out there (her topknot is flat-out enviable) and she loves sale shopping, just like me. I really respect her so when she mentioned trying out her chemical free cleaning products, why would I turn her down?

Kid Safe Cleaning Supplies

I was able to test out three of the Norwex products: the Envirocloth, which can be used to clean just about anything, the window cloth, which is great for glass and mirrors, and the body cloth, which is the perfect make-up remover. The thing that makes Norwex products so special is they are made with a special little material called BacLock, which is basically a thin silver material. This tiny little thread woven through the microfiber has self-purification properties which can kill up to 99% of bacteria using ONLY WATER to clean. Yes, just water. No crazy sprays, chemicals or additional products to protect against germs and other nastiness (is that a word?!). All products carry a two year warranty so if they aren’t doing the trick, you are covered. You also aren’t wasting rolls of paper towels when cleaning, reducing the amount of waste in the landfill. Win, win, win.

Tabletop Cleaning rags

By far, my favorite product is the Envirocloth. Like I said above, you can use this product to clean just about anything. I personally found it to be the most useful to clean off my kitchen table and granite counter tops. Because I am cleaning with only water, it is safe to use on granite and pretty much any other surface imaginable. I spend my days making my kids food and nicely arranging it on plates, only to watch my kids take it off said plate and instantly set it down on the table or counter (welcome to #momlife). I love knowing that they are now eating on a clean surface and not digesting other chemicals that I was previously using to clean.

Chemical free counter cleaning

Here’s a little before and after shot for you. I’m somewhat embarrassed to post this picture on the internet, but this is what my kitchen table looked like the day I received my Envirocloth. Yes, that is mystery sludge, dog hair and who knows what else stuck to my kitchen table. Ew.

Chemical free cleaning

I wet my Envirocloth with water and wiped down my kitchen table, only to find it perfectly clean. It wasn’t even hard to get rid of the unknown sticky substance leftover from breakfast. I also used it to clean my impossible-to-clean glass top cooking range, which was so easy with this rag. Now let’s move on before you keep judging me.

Streak free window cleaning

I also tried out the window cloth. I have two large sliding glass doors in my house that are used countless times a day to go in and out of our house. With two kid,s this means they are always covered with tiny little hand prints. I used my Envirocloth to wipe off the handprints (see ya germs) and then used the window cloth as a polishing cloth to get rid of the streaks. Easy peasy.

Norwex Makeup Remover

Finally, the body cloth. You can use it for multiple reasons, but I found it most useful as a make-up remover. It easily removed foundation, eye make-up and lipstick without any issues. Even my impossible-to-remove LipSense. Good stuff.

Obviously, I’m a fan, but I’m going to be honest with all of you. As far as the cons go, my biggest issue was figuring out how to dry my Envirocloth. My husband doesn’t love having wet rags hanging over our kitchen faucet, so I ended up sticking a few of those adhesive hooks inside my kitchen cabinets. If it was really wet, I’d let it hang on my dishwasher for a few hours to dry, then move it back inside my cabinet. Meet the home for my Norwex towels:

Cleaning storage ideas

My other complaint simply is that I NEED MORE OF THEM. The make-up towel does get a little dirty after removing a day or two of make-up, meaning I need a few more in my weekly rotation. Also, if your counters are really dirty, you will probably need a couple back-up Envirocloths.

Click HERE to go to Nellie’s website and purchase these awesome products. You can also follow her on Instagram at @nelliewithnorwex. I really want to try the floor mop and the dryer balls in the future.

Have you tried Norwex yet or do you prefer cleaning with chemicals?



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