Mommy and Me Dresses

Black and white Chevron Dresses

I know. Cutest thing ever, right?!?! I was SO EXCITED when Three Little Birds Boutique reached out to me and asked if Kenzie and I would like to try out one of their Mommy and Me dress sets.  It took me less than a hot second to decide the matching dresses were happening.

Black and White Mommy and Me Dresses

So here’s the thing about coordinating mother/daughter dresses. Obviously, they are totally adorable for a cute photo shoot like this one, a special dinner or specific event. Kenzie couldn’t stop talking about the fact she was wearing the same dress as me, so I’m guessing other kiddos would be as equally excited. However, I totally get that you may not want to dress the same as your daughter when doing your weekly errands. No one is saying you have to! I can’t tell you how many similar clothing items Kenzie and I own because I tend to buy her clothing that matches my style. We can wear them at the same time if it makes sense, or split it up and wear them separately.

Mommy and Me

These dresses are oh-so-comfy and fit like a dream. The style of the “mommy” version of the dress would totally work for someone who is pregnant (no, I’m not pregnant, nor do I plan to be) because of where the waistline hits. Perfectly flowy and cozy. I also love the length of the kid version of the dress. Long enough to look like a maxi, but Kenzie wasn’t tripping on it. Plus the maxi length means she won’t grow out of it by next month. It may eventually turn into a midi dress, but I’m ok with that. Kenzie can totally rock the midi trend, eventually.

Mother and Toddler Dresses

Now here’s the best part. You can take 20% off your order using code JENNY20. The sets are super affordable and the promo code brings my exact set down to only $28. The dresses are sold individually so you can easily purchase one or a combination. In addition to the dresses, Three Little Birds also offers a bunch of cute Mommy and Me t-shirts. So so adorable.

What do you think about the Mommy and Me dresses?

Mommy and me Dresses

Matching Dresses

Mommy and Daughter Coordinating Outfits

Three Little Birds Boutique Dresses



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