Adidas Stan Smith Sneakers

Stan Smith

I have a new favorite sneaker: the Adidas Stan Smith. Well, maybe it is an old favorite because the Stan Smith style of shoe has actually been around since the 1970’s. In fact, there is an entire Wikipedia page in case you want to read all about the history of the shoe. I have no idea who has time to update these Wikipedia pages, but it does prove the point that everything does come back into style at some point. The shoe is virtually unchanged and now totally back in style almost 50 years later!!

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Adidas Shoes

Last week I picked up these new kicks and have been wearing them on repeat ever since. I kind of have a problem with retro sneakers and have had my eye on these for a while now. I love that they are pretty much all white except the hint of green on the back because they match with everything. And since I spend the bulk of my week running around in jeans and leggings (because #momlife), they work perfectly with my lifestyle.

Retro Sneakers

The white and green Stan Smith‘s are the classic style, but they also come in a whole range of colors now. I even found a red and white pair on sale for only $48!

What do you think about the whole retro sneaker trend? Totally cool for 2017 or should this shoe have stayed in the 1970’s?

 Retro Adidas

Old School Kicks