Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale

Lilly Pulitzer Marlow Dress

Yes, there was more craziness this morning with the latest Lilly Pulitzer After Party sale. Since Lilly only marks down her stuff twice a year, people go BONKERS over her brightly colored patterns. The sale only runs through mid-day tomorrow (1/6/17) so act quick if you want to get in on the action.

Since there wasn’t really anything I needed (do you ever really¬†need¬†Lilly??), I decided not to set my alarm for the start of the sale this morning. The sale started around 8 am EST, which is 6 am local time for me. I tried to hop online as soon as I got up, which was maybe an hour after kick-off. Lilly sales use a virtual line to keep the site from crashing, and I found myself something like the 81,792nd person in line. I kept an eye on my computer until I had to leave with my kids for the day, but had no luck getting in the door.

A couple hours later while at the gym, I decided to try it again on my phone. I waited maybe 15 minutes, but was able to purchase a couple ADORABLE items for super cheap. Well, cheap for Lilly. Admittedly, my workout took a hit this morning since I was more focused on shopping than killing it on the elliptical, but oh well. And to anyone who saw me at the gym this morning, yes, I was totally shopping mid-workout. I admit it.

Here are a few of my favorite items from the latest After Party sale. Wait times now appear to be under a minute so you likely won’t have any problems if you want to see what is available.

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Lilly Pulitzer Cotton V Neck Dress

This Blythe V Neck Dress is probably my favorite purchase. I’m obsessed with the colors in this feather pattern and the swing dress style is always a favorite of mine. And it was only $34!! I can’t wait for the Arizona weather to warm up so I can wear this beauty!

Lilly Pulitzer Cover up

Who is going on spring break this year? If you are, pick up this Oasis tunic cover-up. The pattern is perfectly tropical and I love the long sleeves to keep the sun off my shoulders. I can’t wait to wear this one a bunch this spring and summer and it only cost $39.

Lilly Pulitzer Bethany Dress Yellow

I know yellow isn’t for everyone, but I love the yellow and pink contrast on this Bethany Dress. Super girly and preppy which is totally my style. It is on sale for $54, which is wayyyy better than the $188 full-price sticker.

Lilly Pulitzer Tank Top

How cute is this sleeveless Essie top? It would be perfect for spring with a cardigan thrown over the top or worn all summer long. This one is only $24.

Lilly Pulitzer Calendar

Finally, those of you who follow me on Instagram probably already know I’m using a Lilly agenda to keep myself organized this year. My exact agenda is now on sale for only $9!!! Get yourself one of these beauties and start the year off right.

Anyone else shop the Lilly sale this morning? What did you grab?


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