Distressed Jeans

Destructed jeans

Distressed denim has been big for a while now. Although most stores sell jeans with a few tears in them, I actually think it is pretty hard to find that perfect pair of jeans. A pair that looks good with sneakers or boots and doesn’t make you look like you got in a fight with a cat. We all know what I’m talking about…

 Ripped jeans with booties

I love buying a good pair of jeans because you can wear them year-round. Well, let me clarify. You can wear jeans year-round in most locations. In Arizona, I don’t even think about touching my jeans in the middle of the summer. Even thinking about denim when it is 115 outside makes me start sweating. Anyway, I personally love my distressed jeans with booties, sandals or casual sneakers, but I’m sure it is totally possible to dress them up as well. I don’t get dressed up all that often so I can’t say I even have a reason to attempt to make them look fancy. Because, well, #momlife.

Distressed jeans and boots

Here’s my round-up of my favorite pairs and brands of distressed jeans at all different price points.

Ripped jeans

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Paige Distressed jeans

The exact pair of distressed jeans I’m wearing in the photos above are the Paige Denim Hoxton High Rise Ultra Skinny Jeans. They are comfortable, a nice medium color wash, look good with just about everything, and they’ve held up after many times through the washing machine. The best part is they are on sale right now for $153. Not the cheapest, but not bad for a nice pair of designer denim.

 Distressed Joe's Jeans

Although I’ve totally been crushing on my Paige Denim jeans lately, Joe’s Jeans have always been one of my favorite denim designers. For some reason they just fit me really well and have a classic, but trendy look to them. I’m kind of in love with this Joe’s Cigarette Skinny Jeans, which also have a destructed seam at the bottom. These look like the perfect balance between a skinny and a straight leg style, if you don’t want to commit to one or the other.

Madewell Black Distressed Jeans Madewell Vintage jeans

Madewell is known for their pretty amazing jeans. I still don’t own a pair (not sure why), but my next denim purchase will be from Madewell. I love a good pair of black denim and this pair of High Rise Skinny Jeans are totally up my alley. And while I generally prefer skinny jeans, I know there are a ton of people out there who like a straighter leg. If you are one of those people, go for this lighter pair, which Madewell called The Perfect Vintage Jean. They have almost perfect reviews so apparently most people think they are pretty perfect.

Target Destructred jeans

As much as I love designer denim, I’m a big believer that you don’t need to spend a ton of money on expensive clothing to look stylish. These Mid-Rise Rip and Repair are straight from the racks of Target and are right on trend with the more expensive options above. The best part is they only cost $31!!

Old Navy Skinny Jeans Old Navy Distressed Jeans

One of my favorite pairs of jeans in my closet is an old pair of Old Navy Rockstar jeans I bought for $15 about three years ago. Every time I post a picture on Instagram wearing them, people always comment saying they like my jeans. It makes me chuckle a little bit every time because I could literally buy 10 pairs from Old Navy for the same price as a designer pair. I’m not giving up on the designers completely, but I like to mix in some affordable options, too. This Mid Rise Skinny pair looks perfectly distressed and this Mid Rise Rockstar Destructed pair has that distressed look without going too far over the top. Both pairs are currently priced under $30, but I bet you could find them cheaper if you keep your eye on the Old Navy daily promos.

What do you think? Do you like the whole distressed look or do you prefer jeans without holes in them?



  1. I love my distressed jeans. I recently started working and was going through my closet for a normal jeans but I couldn’t find one. All of my jeans are distressed and I would still shop for more

  2. I love distressed jeans too! I had to laugh when my mother in law told me that to her holes in jeans meant you were poor. I told her, the more holes there are the higher the price. Ha!
    I’ve never bought Madewell jeans either, but definitely want to check them out!

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