Lululemon Cool Racerback Tanks for $29!

Is everyone ready for the long holiday weekend?? I know I am. As I mentioned earlier this week, I can’t wait to sport my stars and stripes all weekend long. We are taking our kiddos to Legoland in San Diego, so if anyone has any tips, I’ll all ears!


I’ve mentioned before that I have a slight problem with checking the Lululemon We Made Too Much page on a regular basis. They update it almost daily with new items at totally random times, and I’ve saved a ton of money on my lulu gear by checking consistently. Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself.

This time of year, I spend an embarrassingly large amount of time wearing lulu tank tops. It’s hot and they are my favorite. The Cool Racerback tank is lulu’s most basic style and has been around for years. I own several Cool Racerbacks that are almost 5 years old and still look brand new. I don’t see this style going anywhere anytime soon. Therefore, I was excited to see there are 5 patterns of the Cross Racerback on sale for $29 (originally $42). If you need a new workout tank, now is the time to pick one up!

Do you own any lulu cross racerback tanks? Happy 4th of July, everyone!!