Red, White and AWESOME

I’ve always loved patriotic clothing. I know it can be overdone and a little cheesy, but in general, I like clothes that support my country. If you’ve been thinking about making a red, white and blue purchase, this is the summer to do it. Obviously you can wear your patriotic gear over the 4th of July, but the summer Olympics starts on Friday, August 5th. More opportunities to show your American pride!

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I spotted these high rise American flag shorts at PacSun while wandering through a mall a couple weeks back. I’ll admit, I felt a tad bit out of place when I walked into PacSun with my two kids, right behind a group of giggling teenagers. Let’s just say I was probably their age the last time I was in the store. It shocked me even more when I saw the sizing on jean shorts – they run from size 22 (I was maybe that size when I was 10??) to only a 29. However, they are only $39.95 and totally awesome. I actually love the high rise waist and they look totally adorable paired with a white tank. I’ll be wearing these on weekly rotation over the next couple months.


I’m not sure if this tank is sold in Target stores, but it is perfect for the 4th. I think the red stripes with small blue square pocket is the right amount of patriotic without being an in-your-face flag tank. Really cute option for $12.99.


If you’d like a more subtle option, this navy and white striped swing tank is amazing. Throw on white jeans or shorts and a red necklace and you are all set for those summer BBQs. This one is only $16.99.

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Did you catch my latest trend alert post about bare shoulders? If so, you’ll be right on trend with this off the shoulder dress from J. Crew. Perfectly patriotic in every way, especially with one of the necklaces below.

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If you aren’t looking to purchase an entire patriotic outfit, red, white or blue accessories are the perfect way to compliment an outfit you might already have. I love these colorful chain link necklaces from J. Crew. They can be wrapped twice to make it a shorter, statement necklace, or leave it long. Cute option for $39.50.


Here are a few more cozy red, white and blue options. I love this USA Olympics tank from Old Navy, which can be worn all summer and beyond. This blue and white star tee from Nordstrom is simple and looks super comfortable. You can’t go wrong with either of these.


Finally, has anyone ever made a purchase from Liv Lov Shop before? I’ve never heard of the online store before, but their Facebook ads got me when I saw this distressed USA hat. I ordered it in navy because I thought it would match with more, but I love the red, too. A ton of people on Facebook commented on the ad staying they haven’t received purchases from last month, so proceed with caution when making an order. However, I decided to risk it since the hat was so awesome. I figure if it never arrives, at least I have protection on my purchase through my credit card. If it arrives, then I have one amazing new patriotic hat to add to my collection.

How do you feel about stars and stripes? Too much or never enough??