Lunch at Lilly

Drum roll please….

I’ve officially decided, I’m ordering this dress for Easter:

download 1

After my Easter dress post earlier this week, I’m guessing you were all impatiently waiting on the edges of your seats to find out my big decision. #yeahright

I received a number of emails from readers agreeing this is the right choice. It sounds like a bunch of you are also considering buying the same dress. Good choice my friends. Good choice.

I said before that Lilly Pulitzer only does sales twice a year (#dumb), but she does do these occasional giveaways with a purchase. Tomorrow only (3/12) she is offering Lunch at Lilly with the following giveaways:

Unnamed image

This really made me laugh, but if you spend $3,000, she will actually send you a free bike. I’m thinking a motorized scooter sounds more reasonable for spending that insane amount of cash in bright printed apparel, but I suppose a bike is better than nothing. Personally, I’m going to be in the free lip balm price range, which is where I’m guessing most of us will end up. Free lip balm is better than nothing at all.

Happy Friday, ladies! Enjoy the weekend!



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